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November 4th: My 4 Favourite Short Stories

Throughout the years, I have accumulated several short stories. Some that I wrote and rewrote, and some that have basically remained untouched since the first draft. Here are my favourite 4 short stories that I've ever written.

4. Friday the 13th (2010)

This one can actually be read on my blog. The reason I like it so much is because of how loyal it is to the mythology of the actual movies. Everything from the rusted machete to Jason's fantastic archery skills have been added to the short story. But most notably the appearance of Pamela Voorhees in the opening sequence: That was by far, my favourite part of the story. If you haven't read it, you are missing out on great Jason Voorhees lore. And what's to say about that 3-part alternate ending? Kill 'em boy...

3. The Infected (2004)

This one has been rewritten for the blog, mainly because I had already featured my friends and I in the Friday the 13th storyline. I couldn't use our names and likeness again. In the original, the story mainly focuses on my survival alongside friends Sarah, Duncan, and Aleksandra. It is told in three parts: The Infected, The Infected: Southkeys Docks, and The Infected: Annihalation. It differs greatly from the blog story - in which the story focuses around Charlotte Olsen, a secondary character in the original. Her purpose in the original is only to warn us of what is coming - a zombie wave straight outta Tokyo.

A fourth part was eventually written and served as a prequel, showcasing the events that transpired before the first story, seen through the eyes of Aleksandra.

2. DoWNhill / DoWNpour / DoWNfall (2006-2007)

Not only one of my favourites, but clearly favoured by all my friends who read it. This story was unique in the sense that it was the first time I created all the characters. Although this short story is loosely based on The Descent, it has it's very own backstory. It tells the tale of Patricia who moves to a new city with her family and to mark a change in her life of social activities, backstabbing, and cheerleading, Patricia decides to join Mounthill Academy's all-girl speeling bee team.

On their way to nationals, the girls are attacked and soon find themselves in St-Jovial forest, where they must fight to stay alive. This contains everything from conspiracy theories, to human genetic manipulation, brainwashing, and the wits of a 12 year old brother who wasn't suppose to tag along.

It is currently being rewritten for the blog. Stay tuned.

1. Student Cemetary (2002)

I have a soft spot for this story because it was my very first and it contains all my friends. It started off as a simple psychotic teacher story and through the years it evolved into a prophetic tale of lust, greed, and consequences - and how they can haunt a family for milleniums.

This story by far has the most rewrites and spin-offs and parallel universes. The first four "chapters" or "parts" center around the prophecy and how it affects the lives of students within the fictional town of Shallow Creek. Everything else is just a hoopla of time-travelling, other dimensions, and the mandatory "kids" special, in which all the characters are suddenly alive again but things are happening to their children.

I hope I haven't confused you...

So I'm always open to suggestions for new story ideas! The last two will be rewritten for the blog in 2014. 

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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