Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Guest Blogger - Music ♥

I sent out an invitation for guest bloggers which I will do once a month. For November, I received a post from my good friend and fellow blogger Marie-Josée Leduc who just started her own blog called Euphoria. With that being said, here is the article of our guest blogger Domino Effect:

First off, I would like to thank Eleven's Ink (AKA Kevin). Thank you for accepting me as a guest blogger!! He knows that I'm new at this but he does not know that I started to blog because of him. That's right Kev, it's your fault. I was always reading basically everything he posted and it got me thinking

"Hey, maybe I can do this too!?"

Turns out I was right and wrong altogheter. I love blogging but I'm extra shy about people reading it. I have two followers and yes, you guess it, one of them is Kevin. The other is a family member. So when I re-read Kevin's invite to guest blog (after I accepted) and noticed that it would NOT be anonymous I kind of got nervous and my brain drew a blank. I was freaking out for the last week trying to figure out what to write about and just coming up empty.After receiving great inspiring words from our host blogger Eleven's Ink and a lot of music listening to relax my mind I had the perfect idea!!!! I had in front of me the whole time.


I can't go more then a few hours without it. So I will blog about music and give you a little insight of my own blog since this is putting me out there. In my blog I talk about pretty much anything and everything, from past experiences to future plans. music, movies, books, books, books, more music, life, love, and all that jazz. So come and read some of my stuff and please comment. I will also be asking my readers what to blog about.

So music...what is music for me? It's just about everything. I just can't seem to seperate myself from it for more then a few hours. I am very open to all kinds of music. Any style of music you can think of, I probably have a few songs on my laptop. Here are a few examples of what I listen to on a daily basis. These are what I consider my favourites and will always remains as that. Some of these may surprise you. You were warned, I love EVERY genre of music.

Alright so now you know my taste in music is just gigantic! Follow my blog and find out more about my list of favourite music, movies, books, people, Youtube videos, and much much more!!

Pieces fall into place like the Domino Effect

Stay tuned next month for another guest blog! And don't forget to catch up on my NaBloPoMo posts going on everyday this month! Another huge thanks to Marie-Josée!!

Candles are out,

Eleven's Ink

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