Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20th: 2 br0ke girls

I stated previously in my blog that 30 minute sitcoms were just not for me. Then I watched 2 Broke Girls.

It's a hilarious show on CBS starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max and and Caroline, two very different women working togheter in a rundown diner. It was created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings who is also producing and starring in her own show, Whitney, on rival network NBC.

Max is a sassy, joke-spitting, nearly poor waitress who also works as a nanny for a upper east-side rich family. Caroline was born into riches but lost everything when her father was busted for ripping off his investors. She gets a job at the diner where Max works at, and soon they become friends, roommates, and business partners.

The premise of the show is the girls trying to gather $250,000 to open their cupcake business which each show ending with a tally of how much they saved so far. They participate in odd jobs to make ends meat and collect every bit of coins they can to launch their enterprise.

It has been criticized for it's very raunchy humour, some critics calling it borderline racism but seriously, people need to lighten up. Have the critics seen the show The Game?? They often make crude remarks and stereotypical jokes about white people and nobody ever flipped a switch so as long as the jokes aren't gratuitous, it's all good in my books!

All in all, what makes this show work is the rapport between the two girls, Dennings and Behrs. They work so well togheter and seem to feed off each other's energy. It's almost a throwback to earlier situation comedies and you can truly see the chemistry between both actresses.

If you haven't caught up on this sensational sitcom, you still have time to get in the know!

What sitcom do you like? What are your thoughts about 2 Broke Girls?

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  1. LOVE 2 Broke Girls! It may just be because I have a girl crush on Kat Dennings though!


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