Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nobember 21st: A Facebook Launch!

I've officially started a facebook page for my blog!!

I've seen many bloggers manage multiple accounts related to their blog for publicity but also to interact directly with the reader. Facebook is a great tool to share videos, laugh at the same photo, and discuss over a heated status update.

It's a place where people can communicate, share ideas, and discuss the current events. I love having a debate over taboos, and find that some forums are heavy on the language and limited in the open-minded department.

Eleven's Ink at Wiki Wiki What is everything but limited. So come on over, click on Like and partake in the social discussion!

The page will contain exclusive videos and photos not seen on the blog, cool behind-the-blog stories, and micro-posts -stories too small to be published here!

Thursdays will be specially celebrated with links to some of my favourite blogs and bios on other bloggers.

Join me on "Current Event Mondays" to discuss the latest in news, sports, and entertainment!

Wiki Wiki What is expanding, don't miss out on the fun!! Reach us by clicking on the like button on the right or click on the link below the official facebook page photo!!


Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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