Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to Greta Price (2)

two: filling the gap

Malory was leading Greta down a dark corridor, most likely held under the camp site. The metal sheets that covered the walls and shaking pipes overhead were here long before the Infection began. Fogo Island was an old mining island and many of its old tunnels and digsites still remained.

Greta was getting tired of walking, checking back often to see if Charlotte was following them. She wasn't. They turned into one of the rooms that was most likely used for the miners resting quarters, judging by the beds that lined the walls.

"We'll stay here for a while." Malory said and closed the door behind them.

"What is going on? Did I say something wrong?" Greta answered warily, aware of the sound of shuffling feet outside the door.

Malory kneeled down, just low enough to look directly in the little girl's eyes.

"You said exactly what I wanted to hear. Now tell me, how did you find us? Was it Sarabeth that led you here? Charlotte's mother?"

Greta was afraid herself, but she knew she wasn't as scared as the red-headed woman that knelt before her.

"Yes. She promised that she could end this. I don't want to hurt anyone but I was alone; my family is dead. When Aleksandra killed my brother, I ran out. I ran to hurt her, to see my brother. That's when Charlie's mom showed up with men. She seemed angry about something. Charlotte had been in Del Rio  and supposedly took something from her mom.

"Sarabeth wanted it back. She said it could help us end the war against the dead. She said the only way for us to survive, to be happy, was to find Charlotte and get that thing back."

"What is it? Do you know?" There was a fire in Malory's eyes, one burning bright as her fiery red hair.

"It's a tracking device. That's all I know."

"And you were suppose to retrieve it?"

"Yes. But I promise Charlie and Felix had nothing to do with this."

Malory contemplated what the little girl just said. Her brow lowered as she stood back up. She paced slightly around the room, going over the details that were just leaked to her.

"Greta, did Sarabeth talk about a cure?"

"The night before I signaled your boat, I overheard her talking with Aleksandra about Denton Drake, the CEO of Drake Foods. She said he had a lot more riding on this then her and that if he got the cure before them, the situation would only get worse."

Malory was quite surprised, yet pleased, that Greta had such a compelling memory. Yet her knowledge of the crisis scared her. The little girl knew too much.

"That is very alarming." Malory said, fumbling with something in the back of her pants.


"Because Denton Drake is my father." The red headed woman answered before turning around, turning the gun on little Greta Price. "And he has no idea about what I am doing in his name."


(to be continued)

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