Tuesday, July 24, 2012

W/E: Look ma, I'm on TV!

The whole wide world probably knows by now that Big Brother, that super awesome reality tv show where people live togheter for a determined period of time, is now coming to Canada.

I've been a die-hard fan of Big Brother ever since it began in 2000. The gameplay that evolves between those four walls is insane! It is very hard to predict what will happen next and it lives up to its tagline of "Expect the Unexpected".

When V - a Quebec television channel - launched its very own version of Big Brother, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon and applied to have a chance to enter the famous house. Sadly, I didn't get chosen but one of my friend's dad played. I played vicariously through him.

But the obsession to play a game like that doesn't stop there. I participated in three online versions of Phil's Facebook Survivor. It's quite addictive and you actually form alliances and have strategy just through your facebook message center. You think paranoïa is bad when you see two people walk off into the jungle to talk, imagine when you don't even know who's talking to who (unless you're a hacker).

First time I played, my parents computer was fucked and so I was voted off first for being non-existent. The second time I got the chance to play, I was determined to make it to the end. With the help of my cousin, we made final two - I won. Na-na-na-na *sticks out tongue to Katie, the cousin.*

Then a year later (I couldn't have waited any longer), I participated in a special Phil's Facebook Survivor All-Star: Winners VS Runner-ups. I was way too anxious and paranoïd to play this time around, especially against players who had pre-existing alliances. I was like 2nd or 3rd voted out and dumb-ass me, I gave the secret immunity clues to the one person who was playing one step ahead of me.

But now Big Brother is coming to Canada and I have another chance at playing a game of strategy. Wish me luck!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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