Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (5)

five: boards up

I can't believe I'm about to go outside with them. I always thought I'd be ready to survive a zombie aplocalypse. I imagined that I would be the savior, somewhat of a town leader. Somehow I never pictured it as bad as this.  I look outside and see no town. I couldn't even save my family.

I turn to Greta. Poor Greta.

"I want you to lock the door the moment I walk out. When I'm close, unlock the door and let me in. You got it?" I make sure to keep eye contact with Greta; she needs to follow these steps. One wrong move and they can make a move. I had placed the wooden boards up with the intention of never taking them down.

From what i've gathered by watching the bastards roam the street is that they are slow. Quick at first, still got that extra bite in them; but then they slow down. And that's when they gather in mass. I've read about them way too much to be fucked by one of them any time soon.

I kiss Greta on the forehead and open the door. I've made sure the street was clear. There wasn't a zombie in sight. I step out and wait to hear the click and the clang of the deadbolt. The moment I hear it and know Greta is safe, I make my way towards my dad's Kia Sedona. When I near the car, I stop to contemplate the neighbourhood.

Onco street is normally quite busy at this time of day. People come home from work, they all take Palm Avenue and Onco Street. But there's no one. The streets are empty and there's an odd smell carried in the wind. I look out at one of the entrance of Maybell forest at the far end of Onco. Charlotte are I were there but only four days ago.

I snap out of it and realise how vulnerable I am in the open. I slide open the back door of the minivan and immediately see the pumps, right beside a Bratz doll. I smack the doll to the side, grab the pumps, and slide the door shut. I check around one last time, making sure I am not being stalked.

There isn't a zombie to be seen.

I run back towards the house and just as planned Greta opens the door just in time and slams it shut the second I'm inside. I lock the door and hand Greta her pumps. She takes deep hits out of both of them and I place the boards back up and for a while all that is heard is the hammer driving nails.

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