Friday, February 03, 2012

Everything Geek: Y: The Last Man

Most people have a bit of geek in them. Either you obssess over one particular movie, play online video games, read graphic novels, or just like to wear taped glasses and say things like "Bazoinka!"

Luckily for you, February is dedicated to Everything Geek. Let's start off, shall we?

Y: The Last Man

What it is: A masterpiece novel that uses graphic images to display its story. 10
Who created it: Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

Why it rocks the geekdom: This story revolves around one man, Yorick, who must unravel the mystery of why he's the only living human male to have survived a freak plague that killed off every mammal carrying the Y chromosome, except the hero in question and his adorable - and oftentimes lifesaving - capuchin monkey Ampersand.

The ink work is superb in this series and that is what makes Graphic Novels soooo good: You can see peripeties unfold in the background that the main characters don't see - sometimes ever. Sometimes there are images or words that tilt their hat to other works. Sometimes you see characters conspire, other times you may catch references to illegal substances or taboo art hidden in the back.

But behind every great story, geeky or not, there is a love story of sorts. This time around, Yorick must find his girlfriend Beth who - call it bad luck - is backpacking in the Australian Outback. With every man just suddenly dying, getting to the Island Down Under is no easy task to accomplish.

Luckily Yorick finds help along the way. He meets lesbian oddball Dr. Allison Mann, who believes her experimental work on human cloning may have caused the plague. By far, one of the best female character ever written. She doesn't fit the mold in any conventional way and unlike TV or movie characters, you don't tire of her voice. Judging by her image, I'm guessing Dr. Mann has a very annoying voice.

There are several sub-plots especially surrounding Yorick's "bodyguard", Agent 355 and her ties to secret government agencies. She genuinely wants Yorick to live, and her will is unquestioned throughout the series which I find really endearing. I hate shady characters so to have 355 in the picture is awesome! And the woman can swing a nasty punch!

But for every woman he meets that want him to live, there are thousands who want to see the last man die.

A rich tale of love lost, families shattered, and mysteries lurking around every corner.

Have a great read, geeks!!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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