Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everything Geek: Nerd Fashion

Wow, I haven't blogged much this month - It's the shortest month but also set dead in Canadian winter season and we all know how much winter can trigger procrastination. I swear, it does!

Geek-ing seems to be the big trend right now, with rappers and rockstars jumping on the bandwagon of late. Reading glasses, magic, and anything "original" seems to dominate styles everywhere.

It's hard to differentiate between the geek and the hipster nowadays, mainly because hipsters have taken what they think is cool in all brands and mashed it up into their own "original" concept.

Nonetheless, geeky fashion is what's trending right now. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Pacman Belt Buckle

The belt and buckle part of the accessories is the one often used by geeks and freaks. While the norm is to spruce up the neck, wrists, and ears, the Geek thought out-of-the-box by decorating the loin area. And it works.

While I suggest a Pacman belt buckle to geek up your attire, any videogame related buckle can work. But be careful, some buckles have crossover (I.E: they "change" the design to make it look "dated" and "used") features and you can soon find yourself in the hipster zone. Beware of the hipster zone.

Thick Eyeglasses

This is quite possibly the Geek's most significant accessory. It's been with the genre since the beginning. I mean, in the olden days all you needed was a pair of big ole glasses and you were labelled a nerd. But rest assured, times have changed and if you go out with a pair of thick glasses you will attract the crowd, not repel it. Unless zits are involved. Zits are rarely crowd pleasers.

The Bowtie

Ouuhh my favourite! I own black and brown bowties and use them only for special occasions (trendy dates, coffee shop/jazz house outing) and it always makes me feel so intelligent. Bowties have that special power. So cool!

It's doubly hot when paired with a crisp white shirt and suspenders but this combo of sexiness can only be used once in a while. Bowties make you feel intelligent, yes. But the addition of the super macho suspenders can make anyone's ego fly through the roof. So take a step back, and put the bowtie down. There you go.

The Sneakers

Some would argue that real geeks (aka the computer junkies) couldn't care less how decked out their shoes are, but the trendy geek (aka the social junkie) will run rampant through the aisles to find the flyest sneaker there is. Just how nature rolls, you know.

It's important that the sneaker doesn't creep into the rapper/skater category; it can't be too big or have too many patterns on it. Extra points though if your shoe is custom and rocking out like this one:

Do you support the Geek??

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. Love the warning on the bowtie/suspenders combo! I love a bowtie/vest combo! I have a philosophy professor in university who wore a bowtie every day and I loved it! I'm a fan of TOMS shoes too, BTW - they're getting dangerously close to hipster territory, but they're so comfy looking and they support a good cause! They donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell.

  2. I heard about TOMS in mid January when a colleague told me about them, I was completely out of the loop!! I shall be checking those out though!! (*merps at the thought of it approaching hipster territory though :|)


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