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Everything Geek: The Buffyverse

Oh the "Verse". All geeks out there will agree that to turn anything from cult status to geek status, you have to add the suffix "Verse". Such as Buffyverse. It's like the universe 'cept only with Buffy shit. Isn't that a world we all want to live in? My thoughts exactly.

The Movie
Joss Whedon was toying with the idea of making a movie revolving around female empowerment for quite some time. He wanted something different than the damzel in distress. His first idea would be centered around an immortal waitress named Rhonda. Yeah, right, aren't we all glad he didn't go down that route!!

What finally emerged from the rubble was a light-hearted, sometimes spazzy, teen comedy about sex, drugs, violence, and school bullying. Joss has written a darker script and he did express dissapointment with the final outcome.

The movie showcased Buffy as a ditzy cheerleader who goes against the grain and fights the path that was laid out for her. It could have been great, but execs turned it into a so-so pop-culture movie that made more people laugh then scream.

I find Kristy Swanson was perfect for the role. She portrayed Buffy just as brilliantly as Sarah Michelle Gellar did, although this statement would not be well accepted at a Buffy convention. They hate the Swanson!! Rounding out the cast is Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, David Arquette, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer, and Hilary Swank. Yes, the same Hilary Swank. Check out cameos by Ben Affleck and Ricki Lake!

The TV Show (seasons 1-7)
I already blogged about my love for this series here and here, so you're free to check out what contradictions can be found between the posts. :)

Okay, so I know I've said this a gazillion times, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is hands-down the best TV show ever made. For one hour it made teens around the world laugh, scream, cry, question. It made us fall in love with some of TV's most detailed and complexe characters ever written.

Yeah, sometimes there was filler episodes about sharkboys or preying manthis teachers but the core stories were always spot-on and Buffy was known for having some of the best season finales in its time.

It comes at no surprise that even to this day, us fans are still begging for more. When I say Joss Whedon is a God, I'm not kidding.

The Tie-in Novels
You know a series or movies has gained geek status when they start making tie-in novels. These books are rarely considered canon to the original storyline and oftentimes features the characters in a dreamworld or alternate reality.

They were really popular during the show's duration but eventually less were made when the series finished after seven seasons.

I have yet to read any tie-ins merely because it isn't Joss Whedon's work. And what I like about Buffy is the interactions between the characters, it's all in their body language. Not so sure how that would translate into words.

The Graphic Novel (seasons 8-9)
I really wanted to continue with the Buffy storyline and even almost bought the first graphic novel, The Long Way Home, but for some reason I put it back on the shelf. I read alot about the graphic novel continuation and it just seems all a bit weird. Buffy has a lesbian relationship, people have magical powers, Dawn becomes a giant. It all seemed too comic-y for me.

But while doing a bit of reading for this blog, I found out there was a season 9, which went back to the more subtle terror of the tv series. I'm slightly more tempted to start the graphic novels now!

With all this plus the countless fan fiction on the internet, you can't really go wrong. A chick that kicks ass is pure geek. At its best!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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