Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special NaBloPoMo Post!!

So i'm hosting a supper tomorrow and just finished preparing two different lasagnas and cleaning my appartment. I'm super tired and just trying to think of 16 things to blog about is giving me a headache. So it's special time!!!! Here are all the songs from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the order they are in the episode!

Do I need to mention again that Joss Whedon is a TV God?

Going Through the Motion - Quite possibly the funniest one!!  Watch for when Buffy rescues the dude. Hahaha. Witty writing!

I've Got a Theory/ Evil Bunnies / If We're Togheter - The gang speculate as to why they are singing their thoughts. Couldn't find a video of the actual scene. :( Sadness because Anja's solo is hilarious.

They Got the Mustard Out - The dancers are actually producers and writers led by David Fury

Under Your Spell - Tara sings her true emotions, and maybe it isn't metaphorical.

I'll Never Tell - Anja and Xander question their upcoming marriage and because they can't control their singing, it comes out in this hilarious song. No video sadly but lyrics. There's lyrics!

Rest in Peace - My favourite one. It could actually pass as a song. And such a character twist for Spike compared to season 1.

What You Feel - Dawn gets taken by the demon who has cursed Sunnydale.

Standing - After Dawn's kidnapping, Buffy and Giles have a serious moment. This song expresses exactly what kind of bond Giles and Buffy had for 4 seasons.

Walk Through the Fire - Oh I love the Scoobie Gang! This one gives me chills!!

Give me Something to Sing About - Unable to contain the singing, Buffy reveals a major secret.

Where do We Go From Here - The gang questions their future now that they revealed their darkest secrets. Great ending!

What is your favourite show or episode?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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