Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th: 14 Memorable Commercials

We all have a favourite commercial. Sometimes it reminds us of someone we know, or someone we knew, of something past or present. Sometimes it just makes us laugh or cry or both. Sometimes we are awe-struck at how incredibly creative the commercial is. Sometimes it's just dumb. Here are 14 commercials that have stood out from the rest. In no particular order.

 This one still makes me laugh to this day! One of my favourites!

Technology has really gotten nifty. Deceased divas from the past return to support Dior

A harsh - yet funny - reality

Saw this one on a "world's best commercial" and boy is it ever hilarious!

Takes a lot for me to feel patriotic. This does the trick

I just like it for some reason. Celebrities who poke fun at themselves is rare. Let's take it

Classic Coca-Cola. Classic Commercial

So many other commercials have been inspired by this one. For Alia

This one really made people talk

This one passed around Facebook and had people guessing what the commercial was about before it ended

This one was suggested by a friend. It's effing hilarious!!

I had one of these!!! It shares it space with all other 90's toys commercial :)

Conan O'Brien. Period

Last but not least, the classic commercial:

Oh, those fuzzy blue thingys. What commercials have impacted you?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

sidenote: I can't fucking wait for NaBloPoMo to end. Yes, I said it.

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