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November 11th: Top 11 Scream Queens

Horror has a way of mastering all genres and blending them into one film. Just so happens the blender isn't a metaphor. Here is a list of 11 actresses that have been known for their horrific talent!

11. Adrienne Barbeau

She turned the original version of The Fog into something chilling and creepy and that is all thanks to her quirky look and take-charge personality. If a certain scream queen hadn't rose to prominence in the same years, Adrienne Barbeau surely would have become the next Jamie Lee Curtis. She litterally made The Swamp Thing a cult classic and man-ed it up alongside Kurt Russell in Escape from New-York.

10. Marilyn Burns

She shot to fame in 1974, starring as Sally in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She could have had a long and succesful career doing scream fares but she kind of ruined it with her ridiculous part in Eaten Alive! But still, Marilyn Burns has achieved a notoriety in the B-horror genre. She garnered praise for her portrayal of Linda Kasabian in Helter Skelter, a TV movie about the Manson Murders.

9. Neve Campbell

We all know her as Sydney Prescott but Neve Campbell has been screaming way before Scream. She starred in an episode of the Canadian teen horror show Are You Afraid of the Dark?, laughed her way to madness in The Craft, and played bad well in another Canadian project The Forget-Me-Not Murders before carving her way through life in the Scream franchise.

8. Linnea Quigley

Who?! She's the babe who appeared in Return of the Living Dead, Creepozoids, and the Christmas classic: Silent Night, Deadly Night. The role that really defined her career was playing the soul that came out of Freddy's abdomen in the fourth installment of the Nightmare on Elm street franchise. Yes, mesmerized audiences everywhere! Her one mark on the genre that pleases me is that she produced Dead End, a very good horror movie starring Lin Shaye, our next scream queen.

7. Lin Shaye

Not your typical screem queen, considering none of her spooky projects propelled her career. Also, most of her well known horror roles came later in life with terrifying turns in 2001 Maniacs, Dead End, Insidious, Asylum, and the insanely hilarious Snakes on a Plane. I still see her as Mrs. Bruce from Detroit Rock City.

6. Drew Barrymore

She didn't have alot of roles in scary movies nor is she particularly known for being a scream queen, but her chilling  portrayal of Casey Becker in Scream relaunched her career and helped her transition from teenage roles to more adult roles. I still have a hard time believing it's Drew Barrymore in the opening sequence of Scream. She also produced and had a bit part in Donnie Darko and starred as a firestarting child in Firestarter. Still man, she brought Casey Becker to life...well...

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Most recently, a small blonde has been screaming her way to the top of the scream queen list. When her award-winning show Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended its seven year run, Sarah Michelle Gellar almost seemed desperate to cling to her dark and tough typecast by starring in high profile horror flicks such as Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Return, The Grrudge, and its sequel The Grudge 2. By far her best character was Helen Shivers. That chase scene is freakin' terrifying!!!

4. Sissy Spacek

carrieHer oscar-nominated performance as the titular character in Brian De Palma's Carrie is what made me love horror movies. My friends all know that Carrie is one of my favourite horror movies even though it's not scary at all. Well, not in the arrgh and haaaa sense. What's scary is the accuracy of De Palma's depiction of high school bullying. Sissy Spacek did return to horror a few times with supporting roles in The Ring 2 and An American Haunting.

3. Danielle Harris

She actually ties Jamie Lee Curtis with four appearances in the Halloween franchise. Danielle Harris starred as Jamie, Michael's niece in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. She later returned in Rob Zombie's Halloween, this time portraying the sheriff's daughter Annie Brackett. She reprised her role in the sequel where she dies near the end of the movies, something she requested. She is also set to star as Barbara in yet another remake of Night of the Living Dead.

2. Janet Leigh

One of the original scream queens, and mother to the number one scream queen, Janet Leigh terrified audiences in 1960 with her portrayal of doomed protagonist Marion. The shower scene gained cult status and the film was remade in 1998 with Anne Heche. Janet also appeared with her daughter in The Fog and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

This isn't even a debate, hands down Jamie Lee Curtis tops this list. She survived the night and captured audiences with her part as Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise. She appearing in the first two installments which chronologically occur back to back. She returned as an older and much confident Laurie in Halloween H20 before finally meeting her maker in Halloween: Resurection. Throughout the 80's, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in several b-slashers and eventual cult classics such as Terror Train, Prom Night, The Fog, and Roadgames.

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  1. That's so funny - we watched Insidious last week and we were both like, "Hey, it's the mom from Detroit Rock City!"


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