Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (18)

eighteen: decisions are made

As I'm being dragged towards an established campsite, I can't help but to look around me. I search for Felix, for my mother, for Malory. All I see is unfamiliar faces and dark, mysterious eyes resting all on me. There is a smell of burning flesh coming from somewhere near the shore. Snow is falling and Fogo Island seems almost like the perfect refuge right now.

We had finally made it. Malory and I, we made it. We reached the north shore of the island but it seemed to do little at all to appease my worries. There was no safety here, and from what I could see there was no boat either.

The good doctor has my arm slung around his neck and he helps me cross the snowy beach towards a hut. Smoke rises from the hole on the roof and it strangely smells like carrots. Surely they don't have carrots here. I would die to eat one of those.

"I'll leave you here while I go and get what I need to patch you up," Doctor Chatterjee informs me as we enter the small, rickity hut. It must have been an old fishing post.

Inside the fish-smelling cabin, Dr. Chatterjee helps me to the bed. He's gentle, and for some reason he evens seems genuinely concerned for my health. But then again, I had felt the same thing from Malory only a couple of weeks ago. He reassures me that he will be back with supplies and leaves me in the comfortable bed.

I'm not alone for more than two minutes when the door opens again.

"That was quick Dr. Chatterjee -" But when I turn around to greet the Indian practioner i'm surprised to see someone else at the door. Someone, I never thought I would see again.

"...Aunt Lucy?" I manage to let out. It comes out as barely a whisper. She was working with Mom and Dad in Tokyo, she had helped them start up the company. The company that would create this weapon of mass destruction. The zombies.

"Hello, Charlotte." She rushes towards me, tears streaming down her cheeks. She wraps her arms around me tight and holds me for a good five minutes. I can feel her heart flutter.

"What...what are you doing here?" I ask, once the first wave of surprise washes away. I haven't seen anyone from my family since I witnessed the downfall of Grams back in Del Rio. I never thought I would see anyone again. "Why isn't my mother here?"

"She can't see you right now. There's so much to do, Charlotte. There is so much you don't know yet." Aunt Lucy answers, genuine sorrow and concern in the corner of her eyes. I can tell she is worried. But like everyone else I encountered, I can't be sure whom they're worried about; them or me.

"Do you know if Felix is alright? Tall guy, buzz cut, he's probably screaming my -" I'm cut off by Aunt Lucy.

"He's fine, Charlotte. He's talking with Sarabeth right now."

I'm outraged. I demand to see him right now. Why does my mother keep interfering with the people I love. And why is Felix constantly being briefed by those who seem to want harm from me. First Malory and her men, now my mother.

"Go get my mother now!" I scream with the little energy I have left in my body. I harnest it and let out a terribly loud shriek. "GET HER HERE NOW!"

Aunt Lucy brushes away the blonde hair from her face and walks gently towards my bed. She crouches beside me and rests her hand on my forearm. I'm too weak to shrug it away.

"Decisions need to be made today, Charlotte. You have to trust me, your mother doesn't want any harm to come your way."

"Everyone has been telling me that lately, yet I believe no one but Felix."

"You don't believe me?" Aunt Lucy asks, and if i'm not mistaken, I detect pain or sadness in her voice.

"No." is all I answer back before turning over, turning my back to Aunt Lucy.

"I can't imagine what you have been through, Charlotte. But you are safe now, you're with family."

I think she expects an answer from me, but I don't give one. She's just about to leave when the door swings open and I hear a man's voice.

"Lucy, we need you at the frontline, a herd of living dead is coming our way."

Lucy gets up from the bed, pats my back and I can hear feet shuffling by the door. I figure Dr. Chatterjee arrived just at the same time.

"What is going on, Lucy?" The good doctor asks.

"Zombies in the north quadrant. You stay here with Charlotte. I'll make sure there is two armed guards by the door. And doctor, you take care of her." Lucy says and I can detect a certain superiority in her voice, as if these people look up to her.

"Will do. Oh and Lucy, there is something you must tell Sarabeth." There is a moment of silence, and then the good doctor continues, "The girl, Charlotte. She's pregnant."

I don't even turn around at the mention. I don't know how he could possibly know but I don't deny it. I haven't felt the baby kick in so long, I'm starting to doubt it's even alive.

Another moment of silence, then Lucy answers back. "Terminate the pregnancy, Doctor. And that's an order."

My eyes widen with shock and my heart flutters just as the door closes shut and I feel the good doctor coming closer towards me. The good doctor. I never should have given him so much credit.

My baby. They want to kill my baby.

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