Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 11 from a short story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.

They mingle togheter around the bonfire, Sarah getting better acquainted with some of Tyh's friends and realise some are nicer then others. As the night grows and the teens get intoxicated they slowly start to seperate. Kevin and Meredith head towards their cabin. We learn that Meredith is cheating on her boyfriend with different people. The rain has started to fall and the teens are getting restless.

While Yasmina and Patrick head to their cabin, Meredith and Kevin are ruthlessly murdered by Jason Voorhees. Dan, Sarah, and Tyh start a game of cards that quickly turn to a more heated session between the later two. They ask Dan to give them a moment alone leading to Dan's murder.

Yasmina and Patrick return from their cabin. Yasmina was sleeping but Patrick/Jason continued his murder spree and we eventually learn of his true origin. However, the remaining trio are unaware of Patrick's dark secret.

He returns from his cabin and leads Tyh outside to the docks. He struggles with Mother before finally attacking Tyh and drowning him in Crystal Lake.

Yasmina and Sarah are getting better acquainted when Jason stumbles into their cabin.

This is what transpired:

The Name is Jason

The girls’ backs were almost touching the log walls. The masked stranger
hadn’t even flinched since tilting his head. It was as if he was examining
them. Sarah felt extremely vulnerable at the moment. She was scared out of
her wits and trembled with fear.She couldn’t let go of Yasmina's hand.

The music was still blaring in the background but it didn’t relieve the
tension in the room. The stranger jerked his right foot forward, taunting

“HAAA!” Sarah screamed, jumping back against the wall.

Still gripping hands, Yasmina started running towards the window by the
couch. Sarah followed behind in full tears. She watched as Yasmina jerked
the window open. “GO!” She screamed, helping Sarah out of the window. She
tumbled onto the sand below and extended her hand to help in turn.

“COME ON!” She bellowed, grabbing onto Yasmina’s hands. She was pulling
her out when she heard the swoosh of the machete coming down on her
friend. The blade pierced out of Yasmina's mouth and came inches from
Sarah’s eyes. The blood of her new friend dripped all over her face, the
copper taste stinging her lips. She let go of her hands and screamed in
horror. The blade was pulled out and Yasmina fell out of the window,
crashing on the ground besides Sarah. “OH GOD! HOLY FUCK!”

Sarah wiped the blood from her face. Her hands were shaking, and her chest
hurt with angst. She couldn’t feel her legs as she stood motionless
outside in the rain. The killer was walking slowly towards the door of the
cabin. Sarah turned and ran towards the main lodge. The sand was sifting
between her toes, making it harder for her to run as fast as she wanted
to. She heard the door shut behind her and she turned back to look. The
man was walking out of the cabin and was steady in his pace as if certain
of his kill.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?” She screamed and continued running towards
the main lodge. She cut through the small forest patch and emerged in
front of the massive oak house. She jetted up the stairs and fiddled with
the knobs. The doors were locked.


Sarah tugged at the handles, hit them, shook them, and pushed them. She
screamed with anger and ran around the lodge. There was an open
window about six feet up. Sarah looked back towards the beach. The
stranger was still walking a slow walk. The machete glimmered in the
shining rain. He was still far enough, Sarah thought. She tossed her wet
hair out of her face and jumped up and grabbed onto the window ledge. She
used all the strength she could muster to heave herself up and over the

She fell on her back and didn’t waste a second. She shut the window close
and ran straight to the kitchen. It was bigger and much nicer then the
regular cabins. It had a large island with multiple drawers. It was all
custom-made out of birch wood. Sarah began ripping the drawers out,
sending utensils of all shapes and sizes to the floor below. She clumsily
searched for something sharp and settled with a large butcher knife and a
pair of scissors.

The knobs shook. Sarah gasped and stood still, her breathing piercing the
dead silence. Her weapons of defense shook in her hands as she stepped
delicately towards the pantry. She slipped inside and shut the door. She
heard the click of a lock being opened.

He had the key.

Sarah backed into the corner of the pantry, ready to strike the moment he
opened the door. She tried to control her breathing but it proved
impossible. She couldn’t help but to think of her family, her friends, her
ani – Tyh. Where’s Tyh? He killed Tyh. He killed everyone. I’m alone.

Sarah swayed where she was. She heard the door creak open and the
psychopath entered the main lodge. Sarah knew she was about to fight for
her life. A sense of defeat and fear had nestled in her pit. She wanted to
curl up and cry and wish this was all a dream. She wanted to be back at
home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no
place like home.

She could hear him walking around, trashing and throwing the stuff that
came in his way. He walked up to the loft and for a split second, Sarah
thought about gunning for the front door. But her nerves prevented her
from even attempting a getaway. The stairs cracked and groaned as he
stumped down the stairs.

This is it, Sarah told herself grievingly.


Krystyna was pacing in front of the shop. She had covered the bodies with
a table cloth; it still had a coffee stain on it. She heard the sheriff
before she ever saw him arrive. His sirens were blaring and flaring,
lighting either side of the street with streaks of blues and reds. He
finally came to a halt in front of the Corner Café and jumped out of the

“Oh my God, you were serious.” He gasped and walked over to the entrance.
He patted Krystyna on the shoulder as he passed her. Dean Jones lifted the
corner of the cloth and bowed his head at the sight that was revealed to
him. Jessica Paquette and Marley Kluke were staring back blankly. He
sighed and walked over to Krystyna. He nestled her in his arms and stroke
her back. “It’ll be okay. We’re going to find him.” He tried calming her.

They moved to the car and Dean helped Krystyna into the vehicle. He
hurried to his seat and they sped off towards the edge of the forest. The
main street stopped abruptly at the ATV trail entrance. Houses stopped
abruptly further back. “It will take some time before we reach the kids.
You think you can manage such a trek?” He asked the elderly woman.

Her eyes were of a light blue, wrinkled around the edge with a heavy brow.
They radiated with anger and rage and hope and despair. She looked at the
sheriff with teary eyes and rested her shaking hand on his.

“No one will touch my grand-daughter” She said, spitting out the words
with the venom of a snake.

“Right” was all he was able to answer; a melancholic undertone to his
speech.  He got out of the car and opened the door for Krystyna. He lit a
flashlight and handed one to the woman. Her long gray hair, which was
normally kept in a bun, stuck to her face and neck like creeping vines.
She slid the rebel strands behind her ears and walked up to the entrance.

“You have a gun to offer with this flashlight?” She asked, looking at him
through her wet, nappy hair that covered her face.

Sheriff Jones sighed and handed a pistol to Krystyna, instructing her on
how to properly handle it. She prayed silently, walking besides the
sheriff. They were searching the woods as they trekked the trail, their
flashlights acting like spotlights. Krystyna would scream Sarah’s name
from time to time, wishing for a response, an echo. They were not so far
in when Krystyna spotted something in the distance. It looked oddly like a
human body.

“Stay there” He told Krystyna, pointing his flashlight and pistol in front
of him. He stopped where Krystyna saw the silhouette. He lowered his head
and sighed.

“What is it, sheriff?”

“Another body” He let out, cursing aloud. Krystyna gasped and covered her
mouth. “Who?” She inquired, tip-toeing towards the body. “Not my baby…”

“No. It’s Joseph and Linda’s girl. Don’t come any closer.” He spat,
walking away from the gruesome scene and into the clearing. “We have to
get up there before it’s...” He looked at Krystyna and saw the pain in her
eyes. He couldn’t lose hope, now. “Come on, keep your eyes open”


Sarah was crying inside. She heard her attacker walk closer to the pantry.
She clutched her makeshift weapons and pumped herself up. She was thinking
of her tormentors, her bullies, her ex-boyfriends, her father. She was
raging inside, ready to strike the moment he swung the door open. She was
swaying back and forth, her eyes locked on the knob. Her auburn hair fell
across her face and her teeth glowed white in the pitch black coffin. She
half-snarled and half-giggled at the thought of killing this psycho, of
making him suffer. She knew she had lost it at that moment.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are”

PATRICK! Sarah almost spat out the word as it resonated inside her mind.
What the fuck is going on? Sarah thought to herself, clutching her butcher
knife and scissors even stronger. She couldn’t stay put, she was anxious
to defend herself, show this asshole what she was made of. She exhaled
deeply and kicked the pantry door open.

It smacked loudly against Patrick’s shoulder, sending his machete
streaking across the floor. Sarah swung the scissors over her head and
stabbed him in the arm, just above his bicep. She pulled the scissors out
and stabbed him in the chest. He howled in pain and smacked her across the
face, sending her to the floor.

“YOU BITCH!” He tugged the scissors out and dug them in Sarah’s thigh.


She kicked him the face, cracking his mask. She pulled the scissors out
and threw them somewhere in the kitchen. She got to her feet as he
tendered to his broken nose. She held the butcher knife tightly in her

“You’re one mean mother-fucker!” She said swinging her weapon down on

She felt a sharp sting in her abdomen. She dropped the butcher knife and
looked down at her waist. An arrowhead was piercing out of her stomach,
blood dripping darkly around it. Patrick was clutching it angrily, digging
it deeper inside her. She cried out in pain and he pushed her hard against
the counters. She hit her head on the edge and fell to the floor,

She awoke with a throbbing headache and sharp pains in her stomach. Sarah
found herself tied to a chair in the kitchen of the main lodge. Kerosene
lamps were lit all around, casting eerie shadows on the walls. The arrow
had been removed and her wound was bleeding carelessly. Her bra was
stained red and her shorts were moist with her liquids. Her mouth was
gagged and her hands and feet were bound to the chair.

Patrick was resting against the countertop. His wounds had been closed, a
botched job one can only do in a hurry. He removed his cracked mask and
for once Sarah could see the evil in his eyes.

“I didn’t want to kill you, Sarah” He said, standing up confidently. He
caught Sarah glancing at the machete on the ground.

“Don’t even think about it” He said, kicking it away. He rested his hands
on either side of Sarah, his face only a few inches from hers. He was
sniffing her, moving his head about her body. He felt her thighs and moved
his hands between them. Sarah cried and tried kicking him away but the
restraints proved strong.

“Something you want to say?” He smiled and removed the sock from her
mouth. Sarah spat in his face and he smacked her across the cheek. “You
smell of sin, bitch!”


“I did what I had to to cleanse the earth of sinners. I don’t answer to
authority, Sarah, I answer to Mother.” He walked over to the machete and
picked it up, looked at it tenderly. “I have a job to do”

“You are sick, Patrick! You need help! Don’t hurt me, please. PLEASE,

“Stop calling me that.” He screamed, walking back to the chair, the
machete glinting in the light of the kerosene lamps.  “The name is Jason”

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