Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jesus Murphy: From Bible to Blog

Hey guys!

I wanted to give you a sneak peak at which character will be featured in the chapters to come. I plan on writing new chapters until my imagination runs out. I will not drag out the mythology like LOST or The 4400 and finish on a loop. I got the main characters built and their backstories are fairly develloped but I have kept a few holes for further devellopment if the case may be.

It is not litterally a remake of the Bible. Could you imagine how long that would be? Yeah, not going there. I really want to focus on the good vs. evil and destiny vs. freewill. I also want to humanize Jesus (don't stone me please) and see things from a different angle. And believe it or not, His story really transcends time. I just added a touch of sci-fi to it.

So here are a few characters that we have already met and some to come. (No spoilers). These are the notes I took down to memorize character details and built them up. (Things may change as I wrote these info down before even writing the prologue)

Jesus Murphy
A very special boy. Mother dies during labour. Father dies several years later, raised by his aunt. Long curly blonde hair, light blue eyes. Angelic features, tall slanky. Awkward. Shy, reserved, mundane. Later rocker style, modern mullet, rock band. Doesnt trust easily. Convincing and true, honest, good.

Magdahlyn "Maggie" Saint
Beautiful. long red hair. Secretive and mysterious. Big piercing eyes. Tough exterior, edgy. caring, affectionate. Broken. Powerful.

Judeyah Iscariot
Menacing, deceitful, liar. dark features, tone, narrative. Jealous and envious of Jesus. Spiteful. Darkness to Jesus' light. Equally raised through adoption, similar life path to Jesus. Nothing special about him. Has connections with the Sicarii.

Madonna Angela (renamed Riviera)
High ranked member of the Agency. Lies in the shadow of Jesus' life. Mysterious. Secret Agenda? Can make people act on her will. A messenger of the Boss.

Martin Christ
Mary's brother. Raises Jesus. Same angelic features, long curly hair, early artsy weird side. Becomes more confident, mature. Role model to Jesus. Protective.

James Davidson
Maggie's older boyfriend. Violent, angry. connections to both the Agency and the Sicarii. Lost, wandering, uncertain. Ultimately unstable.

Anna Simeon
A very powerful woman who represents the Sicarii. White hair, white skin, white suit. Stern, solid. Nazareth High guidance counsolor.

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