Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sheened! A Rampage Rant

Has anyone else been amazed that the second most googled event, besides the obvious Japan tragedy, is Charlie Sheen's erratic behaviour on and off the small screen. Nowadays though, it mostly is off screen. The guy is a nutcase. Pure and simple.

Now I know most of you are probably shaking your heads in astonishment and screaming at the screen: "Yeah but Charlie is anything but pure and simple". And to you I say fuck off!

Charlie Sheen is a douchebag. I was all aboard with the Winning! and the D'uh! and all of his other crazy antics. All up to the point where the videos of his children swearing on a home vid were leaked on the web. Seriously? I don't care if you are wasting away again in marguaritaville - (Sing with me now: Wastin away again in Margueritaville. cue the conchs!) - you don't expose your children to that kind of lifestyle.

My first reaction to this was the obvious choice of laughter. Aha! D'uh! Winner! But then reports have surfaced that his ex wife, whats-her-face, is also involved in drug binges and past erratic behaviour. Emilio Estevez was even quoting a scene from the godfather where one of the characters kills off his own brother. Is this entire family psychotic? 

Add insult to injury, Charlie Sheen has now began a tour. Yes, one of those things. You know, when artists go around cities, promoting their work. Lots of hard work. Sheen, however, is planning on ad-libing. Yes, our beloved Sheen will go in front of a crowd for 80 minutes, no less, and shoot the shit for the entire time. Right. Aha, can't wait to see the reviews for that! Who bought tickets?! Suckers!

But please do not send me hate mail when you see or hear me quote him, mimic him, or scream WINNING! when someone at the cash register gets a penny back.

I find the guy repulsive, but I have to admit, a spiraling train wreck is always better seen live, then heard about days later. Who wants to miss a guy losing his life in front of national television? I don't. So google the fuck out of Charlie Sheen so we can topple that Japan tragedy and show the world that American Celebrities are truly newsworthy. Ugh.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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