Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Weeks Later

Yup. It's been two weeks since my last bite of meat. Any kind of meat. It hasn't been as easy as I have claiming it to be. I've had the occassional Club Sandwich Attack, apparent by my stacking everything I was eating into a three tier sandwich. Not the same. Then I had my Cheeseburger Bacon Crave, and tried to mimic the taste and feel by making a veggie patty and adding it to an ancient grain slice of bread with white sliced bio mozza. Not the same. Really not the same. I did indule in a poutine on the weekend with onion rings. It tasted so so good.

I guess I am lucky because I still indulge in the flesh of the fish and it's countless buddies, the seafood clan. Ohh my little calamari and my tiny shrimps. Bite bite bite.

What is really odd in all this is the tofu part. I actually enjoy it. I remember making it about a year ago when I was still back home, and nobody liked it. If I am not mistaken, we eventually threw it out. It was yucky. The trick is searing it and marinating the F**K out of it. Yes, that word NEEDS to be employed when handling something as odd as tofu. F**K!!!!

Being vegetarian also led to other bizarre behaviour from my part. First of all, it leads to eating healthier as a whole. I feel bad when having a bag of chips or chocolate bar because in my crazy mind, I am already not eating meat, I dont't want to warp my insides even more by swallowing whole choclate bars and munching down an entire bag of chips. Most of y'all are probably saring, don't exagerate, just have a small bag of chips and a handful of choco-covered peanuts. Yeah, that doesn't apply to me. I go big or I go home! And without a slab of protein, I prefer going home, then eating the entire Mrs. Vickies rack at my local corner store.

The second thing that this new dietary choice has brought me is a broader range of food choices and new discoveries such as Soy Beverage. I bought the vanilla one and decided to pair it (I didn't want to try it all by its lonesome, it looks and smells funky) with some Kashi Cereals. Let me tell you, I found heaven that first morning I tried that. It was divine. The vanilla soy milk tastes exactly like almond milk, it has a very nutty flavour to it. Add that with Kashi Cereals and you have pure bliss. *Sighs*

With that being said, I am so delighted with my choice. However, I will be having myself some ribs this summer on the BBQ. BBQ will be my weakness. BBQ = Love.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. Yay Miss Vickies! I don't know how you're doing it, I love me some meat!

  2. it's quite odd actually. I'm really pig-headed, and loads of people told me I wouldn't be able to do it. That was enough for me lol. :D


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