Friday, March 04, 2011

Chapter 9 from a short story

We will leave the present time for now and travel back to the macabre night that changed Jason/Patrick forever. Although I don't go too much into detail because I  do explain more about Jodie Voorhees in "Friday the 13th Part II"

So with that being said, here is the moment that triggered Jason/Patrick's insanity.

Rid Me of this Sinner

Only three are left. I will have done the same as my mother eight years
ago; the night she spared my life and showed me the world was an ugly
place to live in. It was a place so cruel and menacing that it changed the
deepest part of her soul. In a fraction of a second, a light came to her
she had told me.


8 years ago – Crystal Lake

The rain was pouring down hard on the cabin roof. Lightning was sounding
off in the background. The wind was clashing at the outer walls, creaking
and howling. Jason was crouched in the corner, hiding besides the couch.
He held his younger sister tight in his arms. Both had heard the screams
outside and feared the worst. He was ten, her eight. His young mind
imagining goblins and trolls, hers witches and ghouls. He didn’t cry but
shivered, she bawled and sat stiffly.

“What do you reckon is going on out there?” He said as lightning crashed

“I’m scared, Jason.” She whimpered, lisping that “s” in the middle. She
wrapped her little arms around her brother. “You’re going to protect me,
right?” She looked up at him, her blue eyes flooded with fresh tears; her
mouth quivering uncontrollably.

“Of course, I will Jodie. It’s just the wind and the trees.” As she went
to kiss him on the cheek, the door blew open bringing in wind, rain and
leaves. Pamela was at the door, her eyes blank as Jason had never seen.
She was wielding a machete and blood trickled off the rusted edge. She
took one look at her son, and then another glance at her daughter.

“You filthy whore!” Pamela shrieked, running towards the end of the room,
the machete raised high above her head. Her face was contorted with anger
and blind rage. Jason cried out and screamed while Jodie began running for
the door. Pamela and Jodie met halfway and the mother grabbed the daughter
by the hair and threw her against the wall. Jodie lay unconscious, her
brown locks shielding her face from view.

Jason cowered back as his mother walked towards him. To this day, he still
remembered the look in her eyes. Back then he had called it a different
name, now he called it passion.

“They have sinned, my boy; sinned, like no faithful sinner can sin in a
lifetime. Whores of the grandest way possible. Brides of the devil and
bearers of demon children. They reek of fowl blood and evil desires. The
light has finally been drawn on me, my boy. Me. The great Lord above has
chosen me to rid this earth of sinners.” She laughed at this, and then
stopped in a flash only to start laughing again. Jason crawled back and
closed his eyes, praying for strength.

“Don’t cower from your destiny boy. Your sister is a sinner. You will
listen to mother.” She said tenderly, handing the machete to her son.
Jason looked at it, but didn’t want to touch it. It was covered in blood.

“Kill her Jason. Kill her, boy. They are all whores! No different one from
the other. They sneak around and break up families and lives and HEARTS!”
she said, screaming out the last word. She walked to the door and looked
back at her son.

“I give you five minutes to listen to God and rid me of this sinner.” She
added without looking back, and closed the door as she walked out the

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