Monday, March 07, 2011

Jesus Murphy: Blog Story (6)

- Chapter 6 -
A Loyal Agent

I guess it's time I let you know why I am writing this letter to you. I'm about to be crucified for the deeds that we commited. You might not understand why I am letting this be. Know that I am doing this for you, for them, for all of us. It might not impact decisions tomorrow or events in the near future; but rest assured that my death will create change where change is needed and reinforce the message that we desperatly tried to spread. Have faith in what is to be and forgive those who have done this to me. I will not write to you anymore and it pains me tremendously. Wherever you are right now, you must do one thing when you receive this letter:

Find Judeyah. He lied...



Madonna Riviera was eating her favourite flavoured ice cream, remembering one summer by the Santa Monica Pier, when her cellphone went off. She took one last quick lick of the ice cream and threw it in the metal bin. She flipped open her cellphone and spoke calmly.


"Is everything going according to plan?"

"It is..." Madonna hesitated, looked around the alley beside the small pub, "but I don't feel good about this. Kidnapping a child, we don't do this."

"I thought you were a loyal agent, Riviera. Don't tell me you're going soft on us already; this is your first task?" The male voice quipped, making Madonna cringe. The last thing she wanted was for the Agency to doubt her efficiency. She had worked too hard to achieve this rank. She didn't want to blow her chance of impressing the Boss.

"I am not going soft. I will execute my orders." Madonna said, trying to sound convincing, although she doubted her own words. She sighed and contemplated her options. She didn't have time to think any longer. Her target, Zachariah Baptist, had just entered the pub.

"I have to let you go, he's here." Madonna said assuringly, flipping her phone close. She slipped on her purple blazer and popped the collar up adding to her already dramatic flare. She took in a deep breath and reassured herself.

"I can do this" She whispered to herself as she stepped inside the pub to force a man to hand her his son and forget him forever...



Madonna stepped inside her appartment and closed the door behind her, resting against it. She closed her eyes and reminded herself why she kept this job. After a moment of self reflection, Madonna threw her keys in the small basket by the door and walked to her kitchen.

She removed the purple pin from her hair, letting it flow on either side of her face. She ran her hands through her hair. She smiled and cherished this moment of tranquility, away from the orders and the chaos. Here, at home, she had no worries.

Madonna was just about to nuke a microwave diner when a knock came on the door. She stopped moving, instinctively. There came another knock. The blonde agent placed the diner box on the counter and tip-toed towards the door. It was silent in the appartment, safe the wind blowing through the open window.

The moonlight was shining in, casting eerie shadows against the walls. Madonna's heart was thumping through her chest. Nobody knew where she lived. There shouldn't be a knock at this door. Somebody had found her safe haven.

She grabbed the handle tightly and took in a deep breath before swinging the door open. A woman was standing in the hallway her back turned.


The woman turned around and smiled. She had hair the colour of snow and fair skin. Something in her smile betrayed the charm in her eyes.

"May I come in?" Anna Simeon asked, letting herself inside the appartment.

Madonna slammed the door shut and began shouting at her guest.

"How dare you come here? After what you have done?"

"Please spare me the spiteful tyrade, Madonna. I'm not here to harm you." Anna said, sitting down on one of Madonna's brown leather couches. She removed her striking white trench and made herself quite comfortable.

"What are you playing at, Anna? Look at yourself, you barely have any colour left." Madonna said, a slight tinge in her voice. Seeing her guest again brought back both great and terrible memories. She didn't budge from the doorway, her arms crossed against her chest.

"I always distasted purple anyhow. I still don't believe you've kept up with this sentence."

"It isn't a sentence, Anna and I wish you saw it the way I do," Madonna replied, walking up to Anna and looking down at her with authority, "if you're not going to make yourself clear as to why you violated the pact and came here, then I will ask you to leave." She added, her eyes glowing brighter then they ever had.

Anna smiled and dismissed it. "How rude of you to try and persuade me to do anything I don't wish to do," Anna spat out, getting off the couch. She grabbed her trench and walked towards the door. "And then you call yourself the good guys..." She smirked and stormed out of the appartment.

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