Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (11)

eleven: bound to happen

We've been walking for days. Four to be exact. It's been a week since the world turned to shit. I still don't believe it; I doubt it when I get up, dream about it when I go to bed. Aleksandra is right. We haven't seen enough of the carnage. Sometimes when we stop to rest, when our legs just can't support us anymore, I stop and try to imagine the horrors that unfolded in bigger, more populated areas. I can't though, I can't fathom the thought of entire metropolitans being brought down by the living dead.

But Aleksandra assures us that is has happened. She witnessed it in Houston, told me there was little to no chance that Auntie Lucy was alive. She barely managed to escape her parents skyrise in Memorial City and when she did she realised the skyrise was a practise round. The streets of Houston's most beautiful neighbourhood had been taken over by zombies. She talked of men ripped to shreds yet still able to walk and kids eating their parents.

I asked her to stop on many occasions. But it always managed to creep into the conversation.

"Let's stop for the night," Aleks says, just as we arrive outside of Romero, Texas, "and tomorrow we go looting for food. I'm fucking hungry."

I nod in approval, too weak to talk. What took us a matter of hours by car is now stretching to five days by foot. We haven't encountered anymore of the walking dead but Aleks reminds us to stay alert.

She chooses a spot some distance away from the highway. Aleks always chooses the spot.

"I'm going to go for water. You guys collect wood." She throws Felix one of her guns for protection and then stalks off in the medley of trees, her platinum blonde hair squared off perfectly in the back. Ugh.

"What's with you?" Felix asks me. I kind of asked for it though.

"Something about her kind of twitches my nerves. Don't you think?"

"Oh no. Do not get me involved in your weird jealousy thing. She saved us. We had no water, no shelter, no guns. Would she leave us with a gun if she didn't trust us?"

Great. What he's saying actually makes sense. But still, the way she bosses us around is starting to piss me off. I realise Felix is already picking up wood and I go to help but he insists I stay still.

"We haven't eaten in..." He stop to think. Hell if I even know when's the last time we ate. "...two days. I'll pick up wood Charlie, it's okay."

"Fine." I sulk back to the log. 

He laughs and throws the wood he gathered under the canopy of evergreens. Goes back for more. He removes his shirt and once again my eyes divert to his impressive body. Just then he turns and catches me.

"Like what you see?" He smirks and our eyes meet for just a bit too long.

"Ugh. Get over yourself, Felix." I untie my curly mane and pretend that my scalp itches. It's better then looking at Felix again.

"Why do you do that?" He says, pulling me out of my distraction. He drops the logs he just picked up and asks me the question again. He doesn't sound angry, I hear sadness again.

"Um...my scalp itches?" That didn't sound to convincing at all.

"No, I mean the way you act with me. My sisters and Victoria bullied you all your life and now Aleks bosses you around and you don't say a peep. But when I say something, or try to joke or help, you get defensive and sarcastic. Why, is it because I didn't want to go out with you last year?"

"You are very, very vain Felix. It has nothing to do with you.Girls intimidate me, if they don't like me they can actually kick my ass. I must admit i'm not actually myself of late, I mean with the whole "argh" and "haaa" lately, and i'm sorry I upset you so much. I really am." I am getting so much better at managing the stress. I'm narrowing it down to the fact that everything else stresses me out more. Has to be that. God, his abs are so hot.

"I accept your apology. Damn, sometimes you can be so complica -"

I spring off the log and kiss him. I pull away but his arms bring me back and his lips soon attack mine. I surrender. He lifts me in his arms and I wrap my legs around him. That's when I snap back to reality. When I hear Aleks' voice.

"Jesus Christ, get a room"

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