Thursday, January 29, 2015

Best of 2014: Pop Albums

It's that time of year!! Well, actually, no it isn't - i'm kinda late. But I still want to review the best of 2014 so please excuse my tardiness. And enjoy this list of my 5 top pop albums of 2014.

And videos. Enjoy the videos. :)


Title: X
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Pop Out: This album stands out because of how unique Ed Sheeran is as an artist. Not only is he lyrically talented, but the guy can switch from crooning talk-rapping to smoothing singing like it's nobody's business. I do have a weakness for British music though, so maybe i'm biased, but this is by far the best export to come out of England since Ellie Goulding. Replay!
Best Songs: "Bloodstream" and "Don't"


Title: Ultraviolence
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Pop Out: This album should be number one solely because Lana Del Rey is my musical goddess. I literally pray to her music. But her follow-up album to the amazing Born To Die is just short of being an epic masterpiece. The strings are there, the riffs are there, the nods to different eras are there; but something is missing. And that is Del Rey's witty writing skill. The production is flawless (and borderline alternative) but the writing is below average and repetitive. I expect more from her upcoming fourth album "Honeymoon."
Best Songs: "Black Beauty", "Cruel World", and "Florida Kilos"


Title: V
Artist: Maroon 5
Pop Out: Most people I know can't stand Maroon 5, but I have always been a fan and am even more after hearing this album for the first time today (in preparation for this list.) It is by far the most pop they've ever been with each song sounding like the previous one. There isn't much flexibility in the arrangements, but then again, isn't that what makes pop music? It's suppose to sound good to the ears and this album (with the help of Darkchild) is like chocolate in your ear drums.
Best Song: "Maps." I put that shit on repeat!


Title: Shakira
Artist: Shakira
Pop Out: It's no surprise that Shakira's 10th album is a sure-fire hit. The chick has pipes and she laid that shit down like no other singer can. Her vocal abilities sometimes frighten me; here she sounds like an angel, there she sounds like a crooner. She's part singer, part poet. But one thing is for sure, she is 100% in control of her artform. A true pop album for the ages.
Best Songs: "Empire" and "Medicine"


Title: 1,000 Forms of Fear
Artist: Sia
Pop Out: If you know me, this comes to no surprise. I have been listening to this album on repeat for the past months. I'm a little late on the bandwagon because I don't listen to the radio so I find all my music online or through blogs. The first song I heard from this album was Elastic Heart (from the Hunger Games soundtrack) and in the following hours, I had already downloaded the album and listened to it till my ears bleed. Aaaaand I want them to bleed again.
Best Songs: "Hostage", "Burn the Page", and "Fire Meet Gasoline."

What was your favourite pop album of 2014?

Candles are out,

Eleven's Ink

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