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Friday the 13th: Alternate Ending (Part 3)

Friday the 13th: Alternate Ending (part 3)
Bloodbath in Crystal Lake

Yasmina was holding back tears, trying to focus all of her energy on Jason. He was standing just a few feet away from her, staring her down through his vintage hockey mask. She could hear his chest heave as he breathed and felt the warm air that came with it. He was holding his trusted rusty machete in one hand and held onto a spare arrow with the other.

Jodi was spread across the floor, a river of blood flowing away from her and into the living room where it stopped and formed a lake near the sofas. Yasmina was still gripping onto her own machete, her breathing not as controlled as her tormentor. She didn't have this in her. She could barely move. The feeling of hopelessness had settled inside her mind. She knew her friends were dead. All of them. Meredith.

"I was going to save you" He finally spoke.

"You don't have to do this, Patrick...What happened to you? It's me-"

Finish her, boy. Kill for mommy.

"YOU KILLED MY SISTER!" Jason snapped. Yasmina could see the hatred in his eyes as he rushed towards her, machete in one hand and arrow in the other.

Yasmina held her machete firmly and shouted: "YOU KILLED MY FUCKING FRIENDS".

Jason's chest was exposed, unprotected. Yasmina pulled her machete back and then drove it forward, stabbing Jason in the abdomen. He stopped abruptly and looked down at the blood that was seeping around the blade. He dropped his arms and with the remaining strenght he had left, he removed his mask.

Yasmina couldn't keep herself from looking into his eyes. He had no remorse.

Jason laughed and began playing in his ear as blood began dripping out of his mouth. Yasmina pulled the blade out of his stomach and he fell to the floor, his arm outstretched. Jason's open palm touched the tip of his sister's bloodied fingers. Something black and circular rolled away from Jason's hand. It looked like a small earpiece. Yasmina was too dazed to notice it or hear the high pitch scream of Pamela Voorhees.

Yasmina was immersed in her own world. Silence. she was shaking, the room spinning around her making her dizzy, unstable. Her muscles began to relax and the machete fell out of her hands, breaking the silence. There was blood everywhere. She walked over to the kitchen sink and ran the water.

Yasmina cleaned herself off, removing her shirt and rinsing off the blood that had dried on her chest and neck. She felt nothing. The water splashed about as she remained transfixed above the kitchen sink staring blankly ahead of her.

She stepped over Jodi's body to get to the living room. She looked for her purse, but didn't really search for it. Her mind was numb, unable to focus. She finally spotted it behind the couch. It was splattered with blood. Yasmina grabbed it and took out her cellphone from the side pocket. She dialed 9-1-1.

"9-1-1, please state your emergency"

Yasmina looked out the window and into darkness. Nothing will ever be the same again.

"I'd like to report a bloodbath in Crystal Lake."


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