Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (Preview)


Three Families. Three Countries. One Infection. They are all connected.


Wanna be part of the solution?
Wanna be part of the destruction?
Choose your side, choose your destiny
Interactive story where you decide the fate of your character.

Simply let me know if you wanna be part of the story and decide whether your character is good, bad, or infected at any time!!

Jeanette Olsen was waiting impatiently for her husband to arrive from his business trip to Tokyo. The sun was setting in the valley and the street was quiet. She was swaying back and forth on her outdoor rocking chair, sipping on her usual cup of orange pekoe. The wind was comforting, softly caressing Jeanette's grey locks. She smiled to herself, something she did often. The night was slowly taking over the landscape and the patio light turned on automatically. The patient wife checked her watch and noticed that her husband was late. She grabbed her phone from the hand-carved wooden table by her side and dialed the airport's information line.

There was no answer. Jeanette found that to be odd. She slipped on her floral glasses and got up from her chair. She had a limp in her walk caused by a boating accident many years ago and it took her longer to get to things. She reached for the screen door when the light next door went on and the door flew open.

The neighbours were always fighting so it came to no surprise to Jeanette that such a thing was happening. She shrugged and opened the door. She was just about to step inside when the elderly woman heard the strangest noise coming from the neighbours front lawn.

It had gotten darker and Jeanette could spot someone walking up the laneway.

"Is that you, Stephanie?" Jeanette asked, her vision blurred from her glasses. She removed them and confirmed that the youngest Holloway child was at the edge of her lawn.

She was bent over on the grass, vomitting blood in large quantity.

"Oh my lord" Jeanette gasped, her hand reaching for her mouth as if she could catch the whimper that had escaped. She edged closer towards the wooden steps of her veranda when something happened.

Stephanie's head snapped up, exposing a pair of bright yellow eyes with bloodshot stains. The veins around her eyes we're black and creeping like vines, clearly visible through the little girl's unnaturally pale complexion. She snarled and her upper lip was busted open and white puss oozed out of it. Her normally kept hair was dishevelled and clotted with dried blood. She snapped again.

"What in God's name..." Jeanette paused at the upper step, disturbed yet hypnotized by the the unravelling of Stephanie Holloway. She made to turn around and run but couldn't. "Stephanie...What hap-"

The small girl jumped to her feet in one swift motion and began running wildly towards her elderly neighbour who could do nothing but remain transfixed with fear.


Join the Horror
August 2011

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