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Chapter 7 from a short story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.

They mingle togheter around the bonfire, Sarah getting better acquainted with some of Tyh's friends and realise some are nicer then others. As the night grows and the teens get intoxicated they slowly start to seperate. Kevin and Meredith head towards their cabin. We learn that Meredith is cheating on her boyfriend with different people. The rain has started to fall and the teens are getting restless.

Here is what transpired:

Chapter 7
Strip! Strip! Strip!

Storm clouds streaked the sky above, partially shadowing the moonlight.
Sarah could feel the first rain drops on her skin. The last lights from
town had faded and the lake stood eerily still, spare the family of ducks
swimming near the boathouse. Yasmina was fiddling with her cell phone,
spilling sticky cola down her chest .m

“Fuck!” She giggled, dropping both her cell phone and her glass. She was
just about to fall when Patrick swept her off her feet. “You need to get
some sleep, sweets.” He said, kissing her loose lips. Her head lolled, her
lips twitched and she emitted low giggles between breaths. Patrick took
off his cowboy hat and placed it on top of his girlfriend’s head.

“I shink I wansh ya” She slurred, slumping in his arms. He looked at the
remaining trio by the fire and laughed. “I shink I’ll put her to bed” He
said, walking off with his girlfriend in his arms. They walked into cabin
“2”; the very one Melinda had been murdered in. Sarah remembered the news
report from two nights ago. The anchorwoman had walked out of that very

The night was young, Sarah thought. It wasn’t even midnight and already
half the people were already huddled in their respective cabins. The full
moon had been completely shadowed by the storm clouds. The small drops of
rain had begun falling faster and harder; bouncing off the copper roofs,
sounding not much different then loud percussions. Sarah and the boys ran
inside the first cabin, the one furthest from the main lodge.

Tyh lit a couple of kerosene lamps, setting them here and there. The
sounds of the rain hitting metal hypnotized Sarah. Tyh handed them a beer
and they sat around the log table. It was crooked and slightly moldy. It
matched the décor, at least, Sarah said to herself. She tied her auburn
hair into a ponytail and took a sip from her beer. She shivered.

“What kind of beer is this?” She asked, choking. “It tastes like shit.”
She walked over to the metal basin they called a kitchen sink and emptied
her bottle while the boys laughed and pounded their fists down.

“You didn’t have to waste the beer.” Dan snickered.

“We got plenty. Anyways, it’s not like the rest of them will be joining us
soon.” Tyh answered, as Sarah sat on his lap and sealed his happiness with
a kiss.

“They will be far too busy fornicating to think about us and this supposed
party” Sarah continued, amidst pecks and puckers.

“Said the girl that’s making out” Dan sighed.


Meredith was tying her boyfriend’s hands with makeshift restraints when
she felt the sudden urge to go pee. “I really have to pee, babe” She said,
making Kevin laugh. He was lying naked on the bed, both his hands tied to
the massive oak posts with leather belts. “You’re going to leave me like
this?” He smirked, struggling with the restraints. “What if a crazed
psychopath comes in to kill me?”

She laughed and bit her lower lip. “I’m the only one that will have any
kind of physical contact with you tonight.” She said, slipping on her
boyfriend’s jersey. It hung loose around her waist, leaving her long legs
bare. She walked over to the door and turned to her boyfriend and smiled.
“Wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere even if I could.” He laughed as Meredith exited
the cabin. There were several candles flaring near the windows, their
wicks dancing in the wind. Kevin closed his eyes and stretched his limbs.
He pictured his girlfriend doing dirty things to him. The door creaked
open but his eyes remained shut. “That was quick, baby”

Meredith didn’t reply. Kevin opened his eyes to find a massive masked man
standing in the doorway.  “Is that you, O’Shay? Get the fuck outta here!”
Kevin yelled, half-laughing. The stranger closed the door behind him. “Ok,
this isn’t funny, O’Shay!”

Kill him boy. Kill for mommy. Teenage sin!

Jason Voorhees walked over to the brown-plaid couch and grabbed the rope
that was used to tie the boat. He unrolled the bundle and proceeded
towards the bed, where Kevin was securely fastened. “Back off, O’Shay!” He
started tugging the belts, trying to break free of the binding. He jerked
his body and grinded his teeth as he struggled to break free. The end of
the short rope fell at Jason’s feet as he moved in with the other end.
“HEEEELP!”  Kevin screamed, kicking his legs this way and that.

Meredith closed the cabin door, whistling to herself. The rain was
tickling her skin; her short red hair plastered against her face. She
immediately noticed the abandoned bonfire. It had shrunk in size and heat.
The flames were barely a flicker. They must have retreated for the night,
she thought. Cabin “2” was completely black while the first cabin, the one
furthest from the main lodge, was alive with lights and music. Meredith
crouched behind the first tree she found. “I will never get used to this”
She said, listening to her urine plop on the leaves below matching the
beat of the rain. She got back up and began walking back when she heard
her boyfriend’s plea for help. Her body froze and her mind went numb.

He screamed again.

Meredith started running towards the cabin, mud splashing around as she
ran, and busted through the door. Her world turned upside down the second
she stepped inside. All the happiness she had ever known was stripped from
her memory.

Kevin was being hoisted into the air. A noose hung tight around his neck
and a masked man was pulling him up, using the large solid beam like a
pulley. Her boyfriend’s legs were flailing about, desperately searching
land. His fingers were clawing at the rope, some fingernails ripped off
from the struggle. His back arched as he went higher towards the ceiling.
Blood was tearing out of his eyes. And he was looking at Meredith. She
moved her shaking hands towards her mouth then let out a cry of horror.
Jason spun around, never letting go of the rope.

Meredith ran out the door as Jason fastened the rope around a beam. He
removed his bow and strung an arrow to its chord.

Meredith could barely see through her tear soaked eyes. She could barely
walk, her legs feeling like pudding below her. Her mind could barely
think, images of her dying boyfriend clouting her brain. The rain was
weighing down hard as she ran towards the sound of music, screaming out
for help. The ground was slippery with mud and wet grass. The skies
cracked above and lightning lighted the darkened night.


Meredith ran as fast as she could; she was just a few feet from banging on
the window. She could see it, she attempted a smile. She never even looked
back to see if the abnormally large man was pursuing her. She stopped to
catch her breath and raised her fist to pound on the window. At the same
time, an arrow whizzed behind her and struck her in the shoulder. Her arm
went limp and she howled in pain. She heard the music stop as another
arrow met her in the back of the head. Meredith slumped to the ground.


“What was that?” Sarah said, shutting off the music. “I swear I heard
screaming”. She moved towards the kitchen window and peered out. It was
pitch black outside and the sound of the rain dominated the night.
Lightning flashed in the sky and for a few short seconds, Sarah could
swear she saw a large man stalking behind cabin “3”.

“Someone’s out there.” Sarah whispered.

Dan turned on the music again, the hard techno beats drumming in the
background. Sarah shrugged and walked back towards the table and the poker
game. She checked her cell phone. No missed calls. I guess granny is
starting to trust me, Sarah thought. She picked up her cards and looked at
the boys. “Where were we?”

“I believe you just lost this round. You know what that means.” Dan said
with a smirk.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!” They began shouting, pounding down their fists on
the table as Sarah sighed and started removing her shirt to the beat of
the music.

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