Monday, February 07, 2011

Chapter 5 from a Short Story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors. Here is what transpired:

One by One

“Come on, Tibbett; pick up your damn phone!” Tyh said. After countless
seconds of unanswered ringing, he shut the cell phone and handed it back
to Sarah. They were walking along the main road, guided by the sporadic
streetlamps, heading towards the ATV trail Lorne had talked to them about.

Sarah was wearing her favourite denim shorts that were cut off right at
the cusp of her butt cheeks. They peeked out somewhat for a shy hello. She
had left the house wearing Capri’s, to please her bapcia.  She had a tight
blue tank that bore the number thirty three across her chest. She adjusted
her straps and noticed Tyh was looking down her shirt. “Why don’t you
concentrate on getting your weed, and stop focusing on my breasts?” She
laughed, play-slapping him on the shoulder.

He grinned and dialed another number. This time someone picked up. Tyh
talked for a few minutes with the other person before hanging up and
grabbing Sarah by the hand. They were going to meet one of his friends,
Dan; the dealer.

They met up at the edge of the eastern shore where the main road stopped
and the dense forest began. Dan was leaning up against one of the fence
post, a joint on his lips. The fence was swaying from his weight, but
didn’t seem ready to break free just yet. There was a girl at his side; a
dirty blonde. Sarah recognized her from primary school. They shared
neither classroom nor friendship. Sarah had fared well with the other kids
at Crystal Lake Elementary; all of them except for this girl.

“Hi Sarah. I never thought I would see you in this town again.” The girl
with the light brown hair said as Tyh and Sarah dropped their bags to the
ground. There was an air of arrogance to her tone. She had a wrinkled
joint between her fingers. She still painted her nails a shade of hot

Sarah sighed mentally. “Hi Liane” She said, avoiding the girl as much as
she could.

“Well, I would love to stay and chatter, but I’m going to go see if O’Shay
and Sandra need any help” Liane said, sliding down her sunglasses over her
hot-blue eyes. She twinkled her fingers and walked up towards the narrow
ATV trail. Sarah watched her enter the forest, two sports bags hanging
from her willowy hands.


Storm clouds had settled all around Crystal Lake. It was just passed eight
o’clock and the owls were awake with hooting. Bats were flying left and
right overhead, emitting sharp sounds as they went. Liane fought with her
flashlight, pleading with it to stay lit. She smacked it against a tree
and it shattered into pieces.

“FUCK!” she let out, throwing the remainder of the plastic casing to the
forest floor. She looked back. She could just make out the silhouette of
the trio back at the trail entrance. She wasn’t going back there to face
the girl she loathed in elementary school. Sarah had had everything she
had not. She envied her and made her life a living hell for it. She was
decided on continuing in the dark; besides, she knew this trail by heart.

Liane grabbed her bags and began walking the trail. It was a healthy
sixty minute walk to get from the main road to the campsite. Her years of
basket-ball permitted her to attempt this hike by way of marching. The
forest was a northern mix of firs, willows, maples, birch, and a wild
forest floor that crept with poison oaks and ivies. Liane made sure that
she stuck to the trail, her exposed legs a perfect target for any
poisonous plants. The forest was silent except for the whistling wind
ruffling the leaves around her. She was listening to her IPod, humming
out the tunes with such theatrics she would shame the brightest Broadway
babes. Her skin glistened with a thin layer of sweat. She looked back
from time to time, to see if the others had managed to catch up to her
dancing-frenzied pace. They hadn’t. She looked ahead, hoping to see the
camp soon. The darkness and eerie silence around her had begun to weigh
heavy. She just about finished convincing herself that nothing lurked in
the shadows when she spotted something white just ahead.

“Patrick, is that you?” She called out, stopping where she stood. Her
white sneakers glowed below her. She brushed the few strands of hair that
covered her face and called out again. “Cut it out, it’s not funny!” she
whined.  She could feel her heart thumping in her rib cage. Her bones
rattled and she dropped her bags to the ground. The white shape moved
closer, revealing itself to be a hockey mask. It looked like the ones from
The Sports Bag. “Dana?” She said, edging closer to the masked stranger.

Kill her, Jason. Whores. They’re all whores.

The stranger walked into the path, exposing his full height and size. His
thick, crooked fingers firmly gripped a rusted machete. It glowed in the
moon’s spotlight. He had a long wooden bow strung to his back. Liane
howled with fear and spun around, running back towards the main road. Her
legs burned as the muscles stretched painfully. She screamed as loud a
scream she could manage. Her lungs heaved and her heart thudded against
her chest. Tears flowed from her blue eyes, streaking her cheeks black
with mascara. She could see the lighted streetlamps to her left. She
screamed and looked desperately for the trio she had just left behind. She
emerged from the forest just as an arrowhead pierced through her thigh.


Liane kneeled on the gravel road, pulling at the arrow that had impaled
her thigh. I’m covered in blood, she thought to herself. So much blood.
She cried out, helpless against the man that was coming towards her.

He stopped at her feet and looked at her in a way Liane could only
associate with an examination. He tilted his head, and for a second, Liane
could catch a glimpse of his monstrous eyes; pure evil looked back at her.
She tried kicking him with her uninjured leg to no prevail. He swiped the
machete in his hands and then raised it over his head, its point
looking hungrily down at Liane.


He stabbed the machete down, like a missile hitting its target. Blood
flowed around the blade, and Liane looked down at her bleeding chest. She
was trembling and gasping, gulping blood from her throat. Jason jerked the
machete out of the wound it had created. His impassive stare remained,
looking on as a life vanished before him; because of him. Liane convulsed
some more before losing life. He grabbed her legs and began dragging her
into the dark trail.


The sun had just vanished behind the horizon, casting a dark hue on the
waters of Crystal Lake. The wind had settled to a cool breeze. The pungent
smell of the lake invaded the wind’s stream. Michael O’Shay was swimming,
broad strokes against the harsh tide, encouraged by his cheering
girlfriend, standing dry by the shore. He was finally able to touch the
lake’s floor and he got to his feet. He shook his blonde mane, sending
drops of water flying everywhere.

He lifted himself onto the docks and grabbed the towel that was hanging by
the boathouse. Sandra was dancing with herself, singing merrily in the
wind. The campsite was just behind the rows of evergreens, unattended
until the bonfire. They were alone at Camp Crystal Lake, and they were
going to take full advantage of the moment.

“Come over here, Mr. Swimmer.” Sandra said, unbuttoning her purple plaid
blouse. Her shirt dropped to the sand behind her, her nipples hardening as
the wind brushed past them. He walked confidently towards her, flexing his
pecks as he got closer. He threw the towel on the docks. Michael shrugged
his swim trunk down his legs and quickened his pace. His feet touched the
warm sand as he wrapped his strong arms around his petite girlfriend. Her
dark skin clashed heavily with his hollow complexion. Their eyes met and
their lips became acquainted. They fell back against the sand as Sandra
greeted him inside her. He heaved and she glowed, they both moaned. He was
nibbling on her ear as she whispered nasty thoughts in his. The sand was
grinding beneath them, tickling and itching at their skin.

“You like it, eh, stud?” Sandra screamed as she flipped her boyfriend
over, grappling him from atop. He moved his arms behind his head as she
straddled him. She played with her long cherry-red hair, whipping it
against Michael’s face.

“I’m about to cum” he moaned, thrusting harder as he went along. He closed
his eyes in ecstasy as he felt his fluids eject. Sandra had stopped
bucking, and a hot, thick liquid began dripping on his chest. He opened
his eyes again, and his smile was quickly replaced with a scream. “HAAAAA”
A gleaming arrow was protruding out of Sandra’s forehead. Blood was
trickling past her lifeless eyes and dripping off her chin. Michael pushed
her off of him and he jumped to his feet, stark-naked.

“SANDRA!” He looked down at his girlfriend, crying with anger. The wind
had picked up again and the trees were alive with rustling. He cried his
girlfriend’s name over and over again. An arrow flung by him and rested in
the oak wood of the boathouse. Michael hesitated for a few seconds, then
grabbed Sandra by the waist and heaved her over his shoulder. He wasn’t
leaving her here.

Michael made his way towards the boathouse, jeering inside with fear.
Another arrow zoomed by, grazing his sculpted arm. The moon was piercing
in the sky, casting shadows on Crystal Lake. His bare ass glowed in the
moonlight. The town was oblivious to his plight.

He quickened his pace and entered the boathouse. He dropped Sandra on a
makeshift table and began pulling out the utility drawers, sending tools
and such scattering on the wood floor below. His shaking hands scrambled
through the melee, scanning the tools for sharp ones. He found an aged
gutting knife, one often used for large fish.

He tried hopelessly looking for they keys to the boats. They must have
been confiscated when the camp closed. “WHAT THE FUCK!” He shouted,
punching the wall that was facing him. An arrow crashed through one of the
windows, forcing itself into the wood beam just inches from Michael’s

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!?” He screamed, grabbing Sandra from the table.
He placed her in the boat and was just about to join her when the fourth
and final arrow flung in from the shattered window and lodged in Michael’s
skull. Blood began spilling around him as he tumbled against the boat and
splashed in the darkened water of the boathouse. His naked body floated on
the surface, slowly following the tide. It drifted out of the boathouse
and passed the docks and the still, expressionless gaze of Jason Voorhees.


“It was such a good idea to use the canoes instead of hiking that trail!”
Sarah said, looking up at the blanket of stars that lit the black sky. Dan
and Tyh were rowing, the splash of the water resonating in the night.

“Aren’t you lucky, Sarah” Dan said, laughing. He flicked his oar in the
water, sending a small wave of water onto Sarah’s legs. She shrieked. The
water was freezing cold. “Ok, you made your point.” She grinned and
switched places with Dan. He rested against the shell of the canoe as
Sarah began a steady rowing, mimicking Tyh’s pace.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He said, smiling. She blushed and returned
the compliment. He sneaked in a kiss on the outskirts of her lips and

“We’re not going to make it to the bonfire with kissing rowers.” Dan said.
Sarah smiled and turned to Dan. His hat covered his face and he looked
about ready to sleep. “Do you remember me from Mrs. Merrill’s class?”
Sarah asked, rowing again at a solid pace, the water trashing around them.
The moon was guiding their way, a perfectly round fixture. Dan slipped his
hat back on his head, the moonlight revealing dark stubble. He had grown
up good, Sarah thought. He hadn’t grown tall as he stood only a few inches
taller then Sarah. But he obviously enjoyed weight training, Sarah
supposed, as she examined his biceps. He had a deep, calming voice that
she enjoyed listening to.

“Yeah, I remember you. You were friends with Melinda. I had the biggest
crush on that girl.” He said, looking down at the metal shell of the canoe
with a glimmer in his eyes. When he looked up again, they were dry. “She
didn’t deserve that.”

“I know how you feel, Dan. My heart really goes out to you. She was spe -”

A flock of birds flew just above their heads, close enough to blow Sarah’s
hair every which way. She let out a scream, as Tyh and Dan waved their
oars over their heads. The last birds finally passed. The lake was still.
They could barely see the main road anymore, the camp a haze in front of
them. Sarah laughed and clutched her chest. “I.hate.birds.”

“That was kind of creepy” Tyh said, starting to row again. He was getting
tired and eventually switched places with Dan. “Who’s all going to be
there?” Sarah asked. She turned to see Tyh rolling a joint. He looked up
at her. “O’Shay, Sandra, Kevin…” He named other names, but none that she

He lit his joint, and smoke bellowed in the sky. It lingered and clung to
the nightscape. The campsite was getting nearer. Sarah could spot the
rough outline of a boathouse and a large wooden dock attaching it to the
beach. Smoke was rising through the treetops, just behind the shoreline.

“They must have started the fire already” Dan said, steadying his pace.
The canoe drifted towards the docks. Tyh threw the noose around one of the
old beams, securing the canoe in place. Sarah gathered her bags as Dan and
Tyh scurried out of the canoe. Tyh helped Sarah onto the docks. She
dropped her bags and noticed a shattered window.

“That Tibbett, I tell you. He can’t even fix the goddamn place.” Dan said,
making his way off the docks and onto the gold sand darkened by night.

“Dan, don’t get rowdy now. There are shots waiting for us up at camp.” Tyh
said, laughing. Sarah joined him and slipped her fingers into his. Dan
kept ahead, eager to start partying.

“Don’t you worry; I’ve already pictured it in my head. Tequila shots.
Lime. Lined up. One by one!”  He answered, dancing along towards the end
of the ATV trail.

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