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Top 5 Books Your Bookshelf Needs to Display

So I did a list of songs, one for movies, and another more specific one aimed at horror movies and their fearful impact on me. So now I will share with you all my love for books. I won't go into an all-out review, I will simply state why I love the book, what is the general message of it, and the story of what sparked my interest in the novel. Here we go, y'all!

5. The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

Gandalf and his fourteen companions
 Why I love this book: I never qualified myself as a fantasy novel reader, nor ever thought I would, but here I am gushing over one of the best fantasy novels ever written. If, like me, you find reading The Lord of the Rings is as close as you can get to death, then you should pick up The Hobbit. I love how we get the backstory to the different Elf clans and also a glimpse into another Gandalf, a more meager and desperate old man; I would even go as far as saying selfish, greedy, and shady. The tone of the novel would suggest something other then a children's novel, although it is categorized as such. Don't be fooled though, the story is anything but childish.
General message: The main message, I believe, that Tolkien is trying to communicate is one of friendship, brotherhood, and truly believing in one's capabilities. Whether small as a Hobbit or sleek as an Elf, anyone is capable of accomplishing amazing things. Especially with good friends around.
The backstory: I had read reviews and seen this book in many top ten lists and thought I had to give it a try. It was low-priced and even cheaper because of my irewards card from chapters!

4. The Taking - Dean Koontz

Why I love this book: I love myself a good sci-fi mystery story and Dean Koontz is one of the masters of sci-fi storytelling. The narrative is suspensful and nothing is delivered for free. Each time something makes any kind of sense, something else is thrown at you with little to no explanation. Koontz knows his audience can hold on 'til the end and wait for another one of his amazing ending. One that could not be expected at all.
General Message: As cheesy as this could sound, it's safe to say that the general message of this novel is hope for mankind. You can't stand but to voice aloud that although some humans are treasurous, some are quite dandy if I may say so myself. So back off and let us live. lol
The backstory: This book was given to me for one of my birthdays from my friend Sarah. We share a love for books and so was appropriate (and appreciated!) as I have read this book multiple times now.

3. The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Why I love this book: I am quite odd because I hate it yet love it when a character is so frigging self-righteous and insensitive that you wish that their character is later killed off. And this novel contains quite a few of these characters. Which makes you want to read it to the end quickly to witness the character change, or stay the same and suffer the consequences. But that is only the secondary players. The main protagonist, Melanie/Wanda, is probably one of the best written character I have read. I will probably love this book ten times more when they botch the movie version.
General message: What issue isn't discussed in this book?? Racism, Xenophobia, Politics and Power, Acceptance, Tolerance, Pardon, Compassion, Comprehension...and the list goes on!
The backstory: Really really odd backstory. I was in Chapters looking for books when I saw the eye on the cover of this novel and walked straight to it. Everything about it was interesting and I didn't know about Meyer and her Twilight crap so I didn't have that to base it on if so I might not have read the book. But I didn't buy it. That same week my sister came home with it (Twas in the lost and found box at work) and thought I would like it. And I did.

2. I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

Why I love this book: So I know this book is fairly new but I am certain it'll become a classic in time. The storyline is complexe yet the writing is so very simple, as if someone was telling you the story orally. This is the kind of sci-fi I like, you know, when it's plausible. The fight scene at the end if prolonged and patchy at best, but well worth it when you get to the finish line. I am anticipating the movie!
General message: Bah, this is pure young adult novelism at it's best. I guess you can say the general message is fighting for what you care most about, no matter how big the cause or how little you may seem a player in the greater picture.
The backstory: I was reading one day about James Frey, that disgraced author who lied about his autobiography on the Oprah Winfrey show and saw that he was working on a new novel under the pseudonym Pittacus Lore. Yes people, James Frey, disgraced author, is the man behind I am Number Four.

1. The Other Side Of The Island - Allegra Goodman

Why I love this book: Again, a story of deception and conviction. I love a good story about people believing in an objectif and stopping at nothing to achieve it. This is very much a novel about corruption in government and consequences from abused power. How far would a government go to control it's people. Rally the mass and instil fear in them! Some people, however, can see right thru it and will do everything they can to reveal the man behind the curtain. And the main protagonist, Honor, is wonderfully molded and genuinely adorable. I love it when kids are smarter then adults!
General message: Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!
The backstory: I am an avid Chapters customer and most of my books (if i am not seek-and-buying a particular novel) are bought from the 10$ or less pile and this is where I found this novel. The title alone caught my attention and then the back of the jacket just sold me:


What books do you guys suggest reading? Share!

Candles are out,
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  1. I am just reading the other side of the island.. all i can say is,"super weird world".... like Earth Mother? But I can't wait to finish it and find out what's going on in this world?!?!?!? i think they live in the snowglobe on the cover...!??

  2. It is an awesome book and, unfortunately, not popular enough! Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy the blog! :)


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