Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chapter 4 from a Short Story

Oh crap, i completly forgot to post this yesterday night. I am really busy of late, what with my exercise regime and my actual cooking meals again. So I apologize for you millions of fans out there (sic) who waited patiently for mondays to come around to read the next incredible chapter in the Friday the 13th saga.

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake and they are about to join the celebrations up at the camp. This is what transpired:

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Tyh and Sarah had spent the entire afternoon by the beach. They had since
been joined by Jacob Tibbett and Jessica Paquette, two high school friends
of Tyh. Jacob was just as tall, awkward and red-headed as his father,
Lorne. He had much more mass to his body and his abs were more prominent.
His skin was just a tad darker, a trait he had inherited from his Iroquois

His abnormally long arm was wrapped tightly around his girlfriend’s waist.
Jessica’s gentle hand rested tenderly atop his. She smiled, flashing
perfect twin rows of pearly-white teeth. They exchanged a kiss, discreetly
hidden behind a veil of her black hair.

“Oh, get a room, why don’t you?” Tyh laughed, patting his friend on the
back. Jacob mimicked his friend and grinned while Jessica fastened her
black hair into a ponytail.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you would be getting some, as well, Mr.
Simms.” Jessica said, seconds before lighting the joint that her boyfriend
had just handed her. She inhaled a deep cloud of smoke, smiled, and then
exhaled the dark matter back into the summer air of Crystal Lake. She
giggled and passed the marijuana cigarette to Tyh. “So you lived here
before, Sarah?” Jessica inquired, turning her gaze towards the brunette.
The latter one was resting against one of many fir trees, seemingly
stalking the opposite shore, the one housing the new campsite. She hadn’t
even heard the question.

“I was there you know.” Jacob said, taking the joint from Tyh’s giving
hand. “I mean, not there there” he continued, nodding towards the other
beach. “But I was at the Corner Café with my mom when shit hit the fan. We
hadn’t heard the gunshots, it was too far away. You see, there are no
roads between town and Camp Crystal Lake; only a narrow ATV trail and a
few pedestrian paths.”

Sarah had turned her attention towards Jacob. Everyone had. She refused
the joint when he paused to pass it to her. He grinned and passed it to
his girlfriend.

“Anyways” he continued “we were sipping our hot chocolates at the Corner
Café –when out of nowhere– a bloodied girl came running out of the forest
over there” He pointed towards the eastern shores where the campground
stopped and the forest began. It crept like green fungi from the eastern
shore right into town. “She kept screaming Pamela’s name over and over
again. I was so terrified, and my mom rushed me into the car. She went to
help the girl, which turned out to be Kathleen Quinlet. Man, she was hot –

“Oh my god, you fucking creep! She was covered in blood!” Jessica squealed
and back-hand slapped her boyfriend on the chest. “You are fucking sick
sometimes! I’ve known you three years and you’ve never mentioned that, you
liar!” She puffed heavy on the joint before throwing it in the shallow
edge of Crystal Lake. She jumped off the table and grabbed Sarah by the

“What are you doing?” Sarah said, forcing herself to get up on her two
feet. She was comfortable there, against the hard scales of the solid

“We are leaving the boys to masturbate about bloodied girls. We ladies are
going to go for a special kind of dip!” Jessica grinned, slowly removing
her yellow tank.

“Mmm” Was all Jacob could say; as much as anyone else could with a gaping
jaw. Sarah felt somewhat uncomfortable having a pair of breasts in her
face. Especially in daylight. “Wow, great chest; but I am not, I repeat,”
she looked at the boys, grinning on the picnic table “I am not taking off
any article of clothing!”

“Fine” the other girl said, matter-of-factly. She removed her jeans but
kept her black and white Brazilian shorts. They stood out over her dark
tanned skin. “If you’re not going in with pride, then you’re going in with
style” She continued, grabbing firmly onto Sarah’s wrist. She started
running towards the lake, pulling Sarah along with her. Sarah was
screaming and laughing at the same time. She could have probably escaped,
had Tyh and Jacob not come to aide Jessica in her attempt. They ended up
all four of them in the dark waters of the lake. Jacob had removed his
clothes as well in a short matter of time. They swam, some more discreetly
then others, all through the day.

Sarah was drying off in one of the few spots that carried sunlight. Tyh
was sitting besides her, rolling another joint. Jacob and Jessica were
frolicking in the depths of Crystal Lake as a family of ducks looked on.
The air was carrying a fresh summer perfume and the trees hummed happily.

A glimmer could be seen in the corner of Sarah’s bright blue eyes. She was
just about to stumble into a haze when Tyh pulled her out of it by
pressing his lips onto hers. Sarah choked back and wiped her lips with the
back of her hand.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She screamed, grabbing the back
of his mane and pulling him towards her. There lips met with fury and
tongues clashed, with only few breaths to defend themselves. Jessica could
be heard giggling in the background while Jacob was cheering on his
friend. Sarah laughed and pulled away, locking eyes with Tyh. He smiled
and grabbed her hand. “I knew you felt the same way”.

“Yeah, well, next time please don’t confirm your thoughts in such a
physical way.” She got to her feet and brushed the backside of her pants;
dirt falling here and there. She checked the time on her cell phone,
realizing she should be heading back home for supper. She asked Tyh if he
wanted to join them for steaks and russet potatoes. “I’d love to come!” He
said, grabbing his bag from the one of the side benches.

“What are you two lovebirds doing?” Tyh screamed, walking slowly towards
the edge of the water. Sarah joined him and nestled her head on his

“Who’s talking about lovebirds, lovebirds!” Jessica shouted back,
momentarily flashing them as she splashed around in the lake.

“We’re gonna enjoy the water for a while longer, I think!” Jacob answered,
playfully tackling his girlfriend in the water. “You bad boy!” Jessica
giggled as Jacob disappeared under water.

“You two better come at the bonfire tonight!” Jessica screamed as she
began rising out of the water, Jacob pushing her up on his shoulders.
Jessica smiled and waved, as if she had just been crowned Crystal Lake

“Let’s just leave before they start fucking in front of us” Sarah said
drily, turning to leave. “It was nice meeting you, new girl!” Jessica
bellowed, falling off of her boyfriend’s shoulders and splashing into the
water below. “Nice to meet you too” Sarah whispered under her breath.


Krystyna was already waiting for them when they arrived. The table had
been set, with a beautiful floral arrangement in the middle, resembling
something like an oasis retreat. Krystyna smiled as they came in the
house. She greeted them to the kitchen, talking speedily about the
neighbour’s kids. “Delinquents they are those Clarke kids! Smoking drugs
and listening to wretched noise! I am glad you don’t hang out with them;
especially the girl!” She continued, raving about the Clarkes. Tyh smiled
on awkwardly, hoping Sarah’s grand-mother had never spotted him puffing
next door. Sarah could tell that he was nervous so she decided to change
the subject. “Well, I got the job!” She said, easing the tension. They sat
at the table as Krystyna placed a basket of fresh rolls just left of the

“You know what I think about that!” Her granny said, eyeing her with
concern. “Ungodly things happen when teens are secluded in the woods. I’ve
heard what happens up there” She spread a thick dollop of butter on a
crescent roll and chewed down like a starving child. “I will not tolerate
debauchery in this house, Sarah.”

Sarah forced her grin into staying still. It wanted to rebel at the corner
but Sarah commanded herself to stillness. “Please, bapcia, do not treat me
like a child. I would never do anything that goes against my values. You
know that!” She played with her food, mashing up the potatoes, mixing the
meat strips with the corn. She looked at Tyh. He was eating his food in a
fashion order. Meat. Potatoes. Corn. She laughed to her herself. “There’s
a celebration party tonight at the camp. I want to go, knowing you will
trust me.”

Krystyna remained silent. She nibbled on her corn and chewed more heavily
on the meat. She eyed Tyh, then Sarah. “I trust you, dziewczynka. I don’t
trust boys.” At this, Tyh blushed and averted Krystyna’s judging stare.
“I’ll be careful, bapcia, don’t worry about me!”


Jessica was crouched behind the massive birch trees, a lime green towel
wrapped around her hair. She much resembled an Egyptian Goddess of sorts.
She finished her pee and walked back to the beach where Jacob was waiting.
He looked at her, starting at the toes and his eyes moved up slowly to
meet her eyes. She smiled and played with the edge of the towel that was
wrapped around her. “You want this, baby?” She said, biting her lower lip.

“Fuck yeah” He answered, getting up off the table. He was already removing
his trunks that he had just put back on minutes earlier. They had spent
the entire day making love in and by Crystal Lake. The sun had begun

“Don’t think so!” She said, slipping on a light blue summer dress beneath
her towel. She smirked and threw the towel at her boyfriend’s face. Jacob
grabbed it in mid-air and looked at Jessica. “What the hell? Leaving me
hanging, baby?” He said, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

“We’ll have plenty of time later tonight. Please, don’t procrastinate.”
She answered, making her way towards the main road. She wanted to start
the hike now before it got too late.

“Wow, didn’t know you could pronounce such ample words.”

“Smooth, Jacob. I’m only the bitch you fuck, right?”

“That’s not what I meant, baby. Come back here, its dark.”

“I’m not- HA!”

She jumped where she stood. The sound of splattering liquids startled her
still. She turned around to see her boyfriend on the ground, dark blood
rushing out of his chest. He was convulsing where he laid, blood trickling
down his mouth. Jessica forced her hand to her mouth and hid behind a
massive oak tree.

A tall, shapely man stood over Jacob, a large machete dangling menacingly
from his cruel hands. He was breathing heavy and it sounded hollow
through his bloodied hockey mask. She peeked around the trunk to find the
man grabbing the large axe that rested against the picnic table. Jacob
was jerking on the ground, blood gushing out of his mouth as he choked in
agony. She gasped again, this time clutching her mouth with fury. Tears
forced themselves out, and her shaking alone rustled the leaves around
her. She spied the streets for a sign of life. It was late; the small
town had closed for the night. She turned around once more before running
toward the road.


The shops were dark, empty. The main road was deserted and silent. A
streetlamp flickered in the distance. Jessica was running frantically
along the gravel street. Her attacker was walking slowly behind her,
wielding the axe severely. His pace neither increased nor slowed. Jessica
was screaming for mercy, latching at the commerce doors, a twinge of hope
that one might be unlocked. She turned around, screaming at the masked man
that was slowly stalking her. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?” She bellowed,
keeping her eyes on her attacker.

She spotted lights at the Corner Café, and began making her way towards
the local coffee shop. She noticed movement inside; she was close to the
doors. She pleaded for help.

She was only a few feet from the shop.

She cried again, and was just about to jump at the knob when she felt the
cold metal piercing her summer dress and ripping through her flesh. She
fell against the door, crashing through the glass pane.

The waitress inside jumped back and let out a cry of horror. She was just
about to grab the phone when an arrow zipped by and ripped a chunk out of
her neck. Blood was spraying all over her blonde hair when another arrow
flung inside the shop and nested itself in the girl’s right eye. She
slumped back and toppled onto Jessica’s lifeless body. Marley Kluke was at
the wrong place at the wrong time.

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