Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter 8 from a short story

So we know by now what happened in Crystal Lake eight years prior to Sarah coming back to visit her bapcia for the summer. We know she has a fragile relationship with Travis and a budding relationship with Tyh. She learns of the devastating attack that Pamela Voorhees committed eight years prior and of the death of her childhood friend, Melinda.

Dan Dubois and Dana Roy were just about to get cozy when something interrupted them, prompting Dan to leave and Dana to investigate, leading to her untimely death.

Sarah and Tyh have gotten jobs working at the newly re-opened Camp Crystal Lake. Sarah meets some of Tyh's friends, Jessica Paquette and her boyfriend Jacob Tibbett, who later come face to face with death.

The main couple's relationship gets stronger and they are anxiosuly awaiting the party to begin later that night. They have supper with Bapcia before heading out to the party at Camp Crystal Lake to celebrate the opening and to get better acquanited with the rest of the counselors.

They meet up with Dan Dubois and Liane Labrie by the hiking trail where the foursome splits up, leaving Liane to trek the trail alone. While the other three are busy canoeing to the Camp, Liane is hunted down and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

Before the trio have a chance to dock at the beach camp, Michael O'Shay and his girlfriend, Sandra Clarke, are fatally attacked by psychopath Jason Voorhees. The trio finally arrive at the beach and are ready to party with their friends and Tyh is anticipating presenting Sarah to his friends.

They mingle togheter around the bonfire, Sarah getting better acquainted with some of Tyh's friends and realise some are nicer then others. As the night grows and the teens get intoxicated they slowly start to seperate. Kevin and Meredith head towards their cabin. We learn that Meredith is cheating on her boyfriend with different people. The rain has started to fall and the teens are getting restless.

While Yasmina and Patrick head to their cabin, Meredith and Kevin are ruthlessly murdered by Jason Voorhees. Dan, Sarah, and Tyh start a game of cards that quickly turn to a more heated session between the later two. The night has only begun.

This is what transpired:

Kill Her, Jason

The poker game had heated up quickly. Dan was walking in the rain towards
the main lodge at the couple’s request. When most of their clothes had
dropped, they begun making out on the sofa while Dan shuffled the cards,
looking at the time pass by. They whispered to each other then Tyh asked
if Dan could leave them alone for a few minutes. He nodded and grinned and
left the cabin.

The rain was pouring around him as he quickened his pace towards the main
lodge, passing the rusted canoe racks. All the spaces were occupied with
rusted canoes, safe one space. Dan noticed and quickly spotted the missing
canoe by the docks, just pass the tree line. A small narrow path leaded
him towards the beach and in full view of Crystal Lake. The rain splashing
on the water sounded much like an orchestra. The light of the boathouse
flickered and the door swung loosely on its hinges. Dan walked over to the
dock leading to the dismantled boathouse and thought twice before stepping
on it. He knew O’Shay was probably in there, waiting to scare the first
person stupid enough to have a check.

He decided to have a look anyways and stepped on the dock. He passed the
canoe he had arrived in earlier that night. It had an inch of water in
the bottom and the rain kept pouring in. The door swung wildly in the
wind, making Dan jump with fright. The door blew open again and Dan
walked inside.

The abandoned motor boats knocked mildly against the wooden platform, as
the tide came in through the opening. The flickering light revealed
bloodied legs protruding from one of the vessels. Dan stepped closer and
peered in the boat. Sandra’s lifeless eyes looked up at him, blank as a
portrait. Dan gagged and jumped back, knocking over several jars. The
sound of the metal objects clinking on the floor resonated in the cramp
boathouse. Dan was just about to run out the door when he spotted a man by
the entrance. He was tall and menacing, an antique hockey mask covering
his deadly gaze. He wore a bloodied jumpsuit and wielded a very sharp

“You killed her! You fucking killed her!” Dan howled, running at the man
twice his size. He swung several punches at the killer’s chest, barely
irritating the man. His head tilted and he grabbed Dan by the neck. He
lifted him off the ground and swung him across the room. Dan landed hard
on various boating equipment, groaning loudly with pain. He attempted to
get to his feet when Jason arrived by his side, looking down at him

Dan attempted to kick and punch wildly but pain shot through his bones.
Jason examined his machete, slowly twisting it this way and that. Dan
begged and pled. Suddenly, Jason stopped and stabbed the machete down in
Dan’s torso. Blood oozed out of the wound, caressing the blade of the
machete. Jason plucked the blade out and Dan sat up in agony. Jason swung
the machete sideways, decapitating the teenage boy. His head rolled off
the platform and splashed in the murky waters of Crystal Lake.

Jason looked out the window at the illuminated cabin beyond the trees. His
breathing intensified as he stepped out of the boathouse.


The rain was not ceasing and the wind had increased. It howled outside and
fogged the windows. Sarah was looking at the cards in her hands. She knew
she was losing this round and she had barely any clothing left to remove.
The boys grinned as Sarah laid her cards down. Tyh clapped his hands and
Dan laughed. “Looks like you’re going to be stark naked” Dan said,

“Over my dead body” Sarah laughed, reaching over for a kiss that Tyh
gladly accepted. “She’s mine” Tyh said between pecks. He grabbed her by
the waist and they moved towards the couch. Sarah was on her back, her
breasts bouncing in her bra as Tyh began grinding against her. “I’ve never
done this before” Sarah whispered. “Maybe it’s time you try.” He answered
tenderly. He sucked on her right earlobe; Sarah cleared her throat and
darted her eyes left and right. Tyh looked at her funny. “Dan” she
whispered. “Right” he said before asking Dan if he could give them a

Dan laughed and cheered his friend on before leaving the cabin. “Are you
sure you want to do this?” Tyh asked, gazing into his lover’s eyes. “Tyh”
She answered, looking back at him. “I now know that what I called love was
not love. I love you, Tyh Simms” She reached for a kiss which he met
halfway. “I want you” He growled, “So bad”.

They had been kissing and groping now for nearly thirty minutes when the
door to the cabin blew open and they heard a high pitch squeal. They
jumped off the couch and saw Yasmina and Patrick. “Whoa, white girl and my
boy Tyh are getting it on” Yasmina laughed, pausing dramatically between
each words.

“Well, you seem…sober” Tyh answered back, fastening his pants.

“I fucked her to sobriety” Patrick laughed as Yasmina slapped him across
the chest.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes. I actually fell asleep” She said sitting at
the table. Patrick did the same and started rolling a joint. Sarah looked
at Tyh and sighed. “I guess we’ll join you.” She put her shorts back on
and slipped her tank over her head. They walked over to the table and
joined their friends.

“Where the fuck is everybody?” Yasmina said, lighting the joint her
boyfriend had just handed her. She puffed and handed it to Sarah. “You
smoke ganja, white girl?”

“I smoke the ganja, wangsta!” Sarah answered, grabbing the joint. The boys
laughed and Yasmina joined along. Sarah took a puff of the joint and
choked out smoke. Patrick shot a funny comment and Tyh jabbed him on the

“Wow. How do you guys smoke this shit” She said, still choking. Sarah
passed the joint to Tyh who had no problem puffing on it. She was thirsty
for something other then alcohol.

“So how long have you been together?”  Sarah asked as she poured herself a
glass of water. The taps shook when Sarah turned them and the water
eventually came out brown. Sarah sighed and opened the fridge. She grabbed
a beer and cracked it open.

“I fell in love with Patrick in ninth grade, the first day he moved here”
Yasmina answered lovingly. Patrick kissed her on the cheek and smirked,
adjusting his cowboy hat.

“She didn’t put out until eleventh grade, though.” He continued. He was
once again assaulted by his girlfriend.

“The real question is when did you lose your virginity, Patrick?” Sarah
asked. The room suddenly went silent and Yasmina stared down her
boyfriend. “Well, answer her question. When did you lose your virginity?”
she asked with attitude.

“I told you, baby. I never cheated on you. You were my first.” He leaned
in for a kiss and she didn’t deny him. Yasmina turned back to Sarah. “So
yeah, we’ve been practically a couple since then.” She giggled and made
towards the fridge.

“No more vodka, babe.” She said, eyeing her boyfriend. He didn’t respond
to her silent demand. Sarah looked at Tyh. “Fine, I’ll go get it” Yasmina
pouted and slammed the fridge door shut.

She was putting on her jacket when Patrick got off his chair. “Nah you
stay here and chatter; I’ll go get your fucking alcohol.” He walked out
the cabin.

Yasmina was still and awed. “What the fuck did I do?” She removed her
jacket and slumped on the nearest chair.

Sarah laughed and they started telling her about stuff they did back in
high school. She smiled at the guy she now called her boyfriend.


Patrick was grunting as he walked, annoyed by his girlfriend’s abuse of
alcohol. She was gearing up to finish like her good-for-nothing alcoholic
mother. He pouted all the way to the cabin, relishing the cold rain that
bounced off his skin. He walked inside the cabin, threw his cowboy hat on
the couch and swung open the rusted fridge door. Yasmina’s half-empty
bottle of vodka lay perfectly still atop the dingy metal shelves. He
grabbed it quickly and slammed the door shut. It fell off its hinges and
emitted low growls until a puff of smoke blew out the bottom.

“Great” He spat out, swinging the bottle of vodka across the room. It made
contact with the furthest wall and exploded on impact, sending the vodka
splashing about. Its strong smell invaded the room, reminding Patrick of
his girlfriend’s breath after a hard night of partying.

He was beginning to realize he was losing her to the very thing that
destroyed her own family. He slammed his fist down and sighed. He had
handled enough drama in his childhood. He was fucked up enough. All he
wanted, all he ever wanted, was to live happy with his girlfriend. He was
thinking in the past tense. Not good.

He looked at the blue jumpsuit that was spread across the couch, the white
hockey mask resting menacingly on top of it.At that moment, he understood
he had to do to her what he did to everyone else. Rid her of her sins.

Kill her boy. She’s a whore like the rest of them. Kill her, Jason.

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