Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Who is Pittacus Lore?

Okay, so most of you are probably reading the title and scratching your heads. You see, Pittacus Lore isn't in the news. He isn't a web sensation and he doesn't have an annoying haircut that he shakes all the time. He doesn't have a hit movie, a hit song, or a hit-and-run under his belt because of extreme cocaine use and self denial. That would be Lindsay Lohan.

Pittacus Lore doesn't have a cooking show, a cooking book, or cooking skills for all we know. We don't know much about his 10,000 year long life. He is present, watching over us, protecting us, and his new Book is here to help us understand the mistakes of the past, and comprehend the actions of the future.

Pittacus Lore is an Elder from the planet Lorien. He has been around since the beginning of the end of Lorien, has seen the effects of pollution on his planet and the devastating attack launched by the Mogadorians, a nasty race of Aliens who have themselves destroyed their own planet and seek another sphere to inhabit. They are ruthless, gritty killers and will stop at nothing.

Pittacus Lore was there when they attacked Lorien. He was there when they shipped Nine Lorien kids away to earth with their Cepans, or guides. He saw them leave towards a new dimension and hope they would survive long enough to come back one day and repopulate Lorien. He witnessed the binding charm that was placed on the Nine children. Each marked with a number and they could only die in that same order. Brought togheter, the charm would be erased.

Nine of them were sent to Earth. Three are dead. I am Number Four.


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  2. Watched the movie, Loved the movie. Too bad they aren't making more or turning it into a real Science fiction series. I'd love to see the book go on in cinema or on tele. Thank you for the info you have provided.

  3. Still no answer to the question. I want to know who he really is.

  4. It is widely accepted that Pittacus Lore is indeed James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Pittacus is referenced though in the book so the character (unlike the author) may still be seen in the series to come. Thanks for reading!

  5. want to know who pittacus is. awesome books so far. on the rise of nine. did not like the ending!


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