Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An obsession with Pittacus Lore

Ok so my fastest growing entry is "Who is Pittacus Lore" (click on label to view entry) and most people who finally do read my blog have typed in Pittacus Lore or I am Number Four in Google. Yeah, my blog is popular because of a fictional author.

And here I thought people were reading my own original stories. *sighs*

So to all my Singapore readers, I shall write another entry about our dear friend Pittacus and the book he wrote detailing the arrival of a friendly alien race and their not-so-friendly alien ennemies. Here we go!

So all we know for now is that before Lorien was invaded by the Mogadorians, the Elders dissapeared without informing anyone of the impending doom. They left a planet to fend for themselves and apparently one of them, Pittacus Lore, has found safe passage on our planet.

He walks among us, but he is not one of us. (hehehe)

We know that Loriens have special abilities, learned through evolution to save their planet from the ravages of pollution and years of self-destruction. Is it safe to suggest that Pittacus Lore has an ability not unlike those possessed by Number 4 and 6? A power of flight? A power of teleportation? A power to mimic whomever he chooses?

Pittacus Lore may have changed his apperance to better go unnoticed. He may be a government employee, a high-ranked official, the CEO of Holt-Renfrew. He may be your neighbour, your friend, your boss, your spouse. He may be man, he may be woman, he may be animal. He may be anything and/or anywhere.

What is most disconcerting is why hasn't he shown mercy to his fellow Loriens and extended a helping hand when his own needed help? Why has Pittacus Lore decided to hide in the shadow and merely play the part of narrator in a story bigger then he, bigger then Earth, bigger then Lorien, finally bigger then the Universe?

Why hasn't he used his abilities for the power of good and furthermore, Who is Pittacus Lore?

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