Monday, March 07, 2011

Tigerblood A.K.A Charlie Sheen and the Animal Cruelty Act

Charlie Sheen seems to have been in every single interview, newspaper, magazine, and tv shows this past week, ranting and raving about his "Tigerblood", curing himself of addiction by "closing his eyes", claiming to be a warlock, a rockstar from Mars, and that is only the more bizarre outings. Sad part is, this man is crying out for help silently and nobody is offering help. To me that says the media is Winning!

The media has a way of twisting events and words into truth. Because the article is there, forcefully it is the honest truth. They haven't mentioned any interventions from family and friends which I highly suspect would happen if Martin Sheen was my father. I know Charlie Sheen claims to be clean and he even passed the drug test, but nobody who has their right mind would behave that way...on television.

They also haven't talked much about the other problem parent: Brooke Mueller. All I have to say about her is: Crack is Wack! So as the feds take his children away to place them in another toxic environment, one wonders who is thinking about the children?

On that note, has anyone else bought a vial of "Tigerblood" off the internet or was I the only one?


In a related story (sic), my eyes were open to animal cruelty and torture commited to production animals on a mass scale. I knew the meat I was eating didn't come from ABC Family Farms where they have one cow and they treat her like a queen. On the other hand, I had no idea just how cruel these so-called ethical companies could be.

You don't have to go looking in poor countries to find cruel and vicious acts. You can look in your own backyard. That's right, Canada has some of the most sickening procedures to have "better quality" meats and higher revenues with low productive costs.

I always refused a Vegan-Friendly pamflet, as they often depict heinous acts commited on those cute little animals. My stomach and my mind simply cannot process such details.

Just a few hours ago, a collegue of mine (Hey Nadine!) arrived at work with one of those pamflets and proclaimed that she couldn't bare to read it because she knew the photos would be disgusting. I think Vegans got the hint and toned down their message to better reach the masses.

Although some pictures are gross, they don't depict anything "disgusting". Animals in cages, on conveyer belts, and some are left in "Gas Chamber Preparation Bins" until the bin is full. That means a piglet can bleed to death in one of those bins before they send it off for gasing. They can't send a bin half full, as it wouldn't justify using the gas chamber. Makes me sick!

And the people who made the pamflet even toned down their "You eat meat, you are below me" message and actually encourage us not to stop eating meat, but cut down on our comsuption. My mind right now is screaming cheesebuuuuurger, and I am trying not to ignore it, but educate it. To live in a better world with ethical treatment to animals, and less poluting ways to consume food, we must act and start with ourselves.

So I decided I will cut my meat consumption by half until I am fully capable of sustaining myself without eating animal products and/or derivitives. (OMG, I don't know if I will be able to but I will TRY my best)

Now, where do I return that Tigerblood?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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