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Best of 2011: Top40 Hits

In 2011, it seemed like every other week Rihanna or/and David Guetta came out with a new song. The charts exploded with urban beats, electro-funk, and the bass down low. Here is my Top 15 Top40 songs of 2011. Enjoy!

15. E.T. - Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

So this song pretty much rocked the entire year. It was on every radio station and could have been the most overplayed song of the year if not for Adele's Rolling in the Deep. The album version doesn't contain Kanye West, which is a pity. Because like all Kanye featurings, he makes this song a hoot to listen to from start to finish.

14. Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People

This will probably come at no surprise - Foster the People are 2011's one hit wonder. Yeah, okay, believe in their talent all you want - this band will not, unfortunately, dominate the charts this year. Nope. nada. But for what's it worth, Pumped up Kicks is such a lazy summer song that it'll probably be in rotation again this summer. Or you could do like me and put your MP3 on repeat and sing along all day.

13. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

When Adam Levine announced live on The Voice that his band would be joining forces with Xtina to record a song, I must admit  I was skeptical. I mean, was I the only one who heard the Rihanna/Maroon 5 collaboration? Didn't think so. When th song Moves Like Jagger exploded on the airwaves, I was probably the first to jump ship and proclaim this song a surefire hit! Minus the Xtina part.

12. Give Me Everything - Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo

It seems like Pitbull was all over the place this year excpet for your crotch. Sorry - had to make a dog reference. The reason I like this song so much is because my cousin did a choreographed dance at her wedding with the entire bridal party. It was amazing! And everytime the song played I thought about that so it was instant love. And surely this will be a classic song for the next generation. You know, it is quite love-making-ouh-we're-expecting-SURPRISE!

11. Till the World Ends

Am I the only one who almost fell in epileptic shock upon hearing that Ke$ha (don't forget the dollar sign, cause she's so ghetto) had wrote this song? Yeah, she did. And then handed a number one hit to Britney. And Britney made one hell of a good song out of it. The beat is kick ass and the voice is not too overly sultry, which can sometimes make Britbrit look cheap. I still remember my mom's reaction when she saw the video for My Prerogative:

"Why is she doing that? (girating semi naked on the bed) That doesn't suit her at all"

10. Yoü and I - Lady Gaga

What's weird with this song is that I like it because of its country undertones, yet I can't stand country music (in general). The way she sings about Nebraska - I don't know if there is any sexual inuendo there but there probably is - really shows a more human, down-to-earth side to the one we know as being wild and out there.

9. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

The title kind of sums it all up. You have Party. You have Rock. Your have Anthem. Party Rock Anthem. Throw in some alcohol and your set for the night!

8. Loca People - Sak Noel

Aha. I heard this song for the first time when I visited my friend in montreal this summer. Her cousin had just came back from Europe and the song was a huge it over there. It was really meant for laughs when they played the tune but the song, like fungus, grows on you. It's now an official pre-drink song.

7. Rain Over Me - Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony

At first I thought the song was Reign Over Me ahahahaha. Thankfully that got clarified so I could get back to what was truly important: Listening to the song. It's so freaking catchy and -dare I say it - probably Marc Anthony's one and only hit. Slow clap, Marc, slow clap.

6. In the Dark - Dev

I was sure Dev was going to explode this year on the music scene but it looks like she passed right under the radar. It's not her fault, Rihanna and Katy Perry released songs every two weeks. Dev has something the other ones don't, which is flare and natural urban rythm. It doesn't seem like she's faking it or as if she's controlled by her record label. Oh and she's pregnant! Better not be poppin' bottles in the ice!

 5. Someone Like You - Adele

Undeniably the most touching song of the year. The voice on this girl is outstanding! I love Adele, love this song, this was her year and I am going to stop writing for a while so I can stalk her webpage. BRB.

4. We are Young - Fun.

No, I didn't just randomly add punctuation after the band's name. It's actually part of their name. Fun.. You see, there's two periods. Fun!! Anyways, I' just going to blurt it out and get it over with. I first heard this song in a Glee episode. And although I like the original song by Fun., (aha period followed by comma - so much fun!) the arrangement and overall good vibe of the Glee cast version is alot better. It's actually, well, fun. Sorry Fun. fans.

3. Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

Simply an upbeat Eurodance bundle of joy. For some reason, this song dips me in a state of nostalgia everytime I listen to it. It reminds me of summer, and that my friends, always makes me happy!

2. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

The lyrics. The video. The message. The multiple remixes. 'Nuff said.

1. Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Surely the most overplayed song of the year. Everyone from your five year old to your grand-mother loved this song. It solidifed Adele's career and down the road, this song is no doubt going to be a classic. It really is a bummer that they overplayed the song so goddamn much this summer.

What song off the radio had you going last year?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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