Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (2)

two: before death

"Zombie cows, closing food plants, and a pharmaceutical company. Please give me the right to find all of this a bit odd, David." Charlie said, obviously exhausted by all the information David just handed her. 

"You should talk to your parents. I'm on the tip of discovering something big, I swear!"

They finally reached the oak tree that separates their way home. David is heading left towards the lake and Charlie is heading west towards town. He suggests they meet up tomorrow after school as well and she gladly accepted her best friend's invitation.

As David walked away from Charlie and made his way home, he had this odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was overwhelming and soon after he was invaded by the thought that he'll never see Charlotte Olsen again.


The last client at Walker, Price, and Associates has just left the office, giving George Price the rare opportunity to join his family for supper. He finished up what little paperwork was left from his latest transaction and casually walked out of his office.

As he walked down charming Main street, he remembered he had to pick up his youngest daughter from dance class. He stopped in front of Maggie's Tart and Sweet, the local bakery. George looked in his bag and took out his cellphone and dialed his daughter's number.

"Hey Greta, I'm so sorry I'm late. I'm picking up the car now. Ok. See you soon, sweetie"

George switched the phone off and continued his walk towards the community parking, unaware that his life would change for the worst in nothing but a few hour.


"Where is she!?" Rebekah shouted as she ran down the stairs and into the main living room.

Theresa Price finished her chapter and looked up, her eyes barely peaking out of her book. "What's wrong, honey?"

"I can't find my Lana Del Rey CD and I know she took it! Greta stole it!" Once sparked, Rebekah's rage was nearly impossible to extinguish. "I'm going to kill her!"

"Now, now" Theresa said, burying her face back in her book, "Nobody is killing anybody."


David was walking home, his mind lost in the music that eminated from his headphones. He kicked around the stones that littered his street and was about to cut through the Wilson's backyard when gravity shifted and he was pulled backwards.

He fell on his ass and looked down at his school bag, a giant tear in the side where there was none just a few minutes earlier. Standing tall in front of him was Victoria Crow, a lopsided smirk smeared across that ugly face of hers.

"Watch where you're going, dumbass." She said and walked by him laughing alone.

David sighed and was tempted to yell something nasty at Victoria but he thought otherwise. Mr. Wilson waved as David passed his lawn and he wondered if the peeping old neighbour had seen what had just happened?


"Stop yelling or I will ground you, Rebekah" George said, his voice calm yet stern. He wasn't even a foot inside the house when his oldest daughter - she thought she knew everything now that she was twenty - came charging down the hallway.


"I DID NOT!" Greta shouted back, "I DON'T EVEN LIKE LANA DEL REY!"

George was about to send them both to their room when David walked inside the house. 

"What's going on?" He asked, looking past his family, his eyes fixed on the backdoor. Everyone stopped and looked in that direction. 

Annie Lochlan was at the door. She had no clothes on and her skin was puckered and blistered. She was smeared in blood and had massive chunks of flesh ripped off her face. She was panting and there was something different about her eyes. There was no response in them. Just a blank stare.

"Annie..." David whispered.

Rebekah screamed seconds after Annie Lochlan charged, teeth barred and with hunger in her eyes.

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