Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Infected: What Happened to David Price (1)

You thought The Infected story was over until April? Nah, I couldn't do that! So here's a spin-off, centering on the last days of David Price's life and what exactly happened to the Price family in the month leading to David's murder.

One: Neighbours

The door to the shed was slamming hard against its wooden frame. The gusts of wind and heavy rain prevented Annie from going out to close it shut. Looking out the kitchen window, Annie was getting lost in the mesmerizing storm that had suddenly overtaken Del Rio. She loved watching the rain hit the ground and the lightning strike in the distance.

One thing about storms she couldn't stand was eventual power failures. Tonight's storm was no exception and soon the Lochlan house was plunged into darkness.

"Great," Annie let out. "Karl! Get the candles!" The small brunette left the kitchen window and made her way across the room towards the computer nook. "Karl, you in here?" She scanned the room for any sign of her obnoxious nine year old brother. He must have ran up the stairs and hid in mom's room, Annie thought to herself.

She walked down the hall towards the stairs and just then her brother tumbled down the stairs.

"What the fuck are you doing, dumbass? You could have -"

At that precise moment, Karl jumped to his feet without effort and the sight of his twisted snarl made Annie gasp. She stepped back just as Karl began to snap his jaw. His eyes were hollow, the skin around them pale and streaked black with veins.


"Wraghhh" Karl snapped and started to slash at his sisters face.

Annie wasn't about to stay and see if her brother was playing another of his pranks. She ran back through the kitchen and shut herself in the den. "Karl, stop it! You're scaring me!"

But Karl kept pounding on the door, snarling and spitting.

"STOP IT!!" Annie screamed, putting her hands against her ears and balling up in the corner. Tears of fear began to pearl down the young vixen's cheeks. The door began to shake violently, threatetning to break at any minute.

Annie jumped off the floor and ran towards the window across from her. She tried desperatly to slide the window open but it wouldn't budge. She slammed her hand in the window. Again.


She finally managed to wiggle the window open a bit and tried to slip her way out through the tiny crack. She was halfway out when she heard the door break open and soon she felt her brother's hand on her ankle. And then the strangest of things happened. He bit her. Annie kicked aimlessly as she tried to wriggle herself through the small opening. She made contact with something hard and heard her brother snarl.

Annie gave herself one last push off the ledge and fell out the window onto the muddy grass below. Laying on her stomach with rain pouring down around her, Annie tried in vain to get to her feet. Her badly bitten leg was not strong enough to support her.

"HELP ME!! PLEASEE!!" Annie screamed as loud as she could but the storm silenced her pleas for help. The battered girl started crawling towards the parking lot. Her mom's car was parked in the driveway and she remembered that her mom always kept the keys in the glove compartment.

Come on, Annie, she whispered to herself. With all her strenght, she managed to pull herself over the chain-link fence and fell onto the concrete pathway that led to the car. She dragged herself forward, breaking the nail off her thumb along the way.

She was almost at the car. Annie reached for the door but was suddenly dragged backwards, burning her skin on the wet concrete.

"Noooo!" She tried to wrestle herself free.

Karl flipped his sisters over from her stomach to her back and pinned her down. Annie could only scream at the monster that was looking back at her. His face was covered in blisters, black puss dripping from his snarling mouth. Karl dove in and bit off Annie's nose and upper lip, skin dangling from his mouth.


With one hand, Karl grabbed his sister by the leg and threw her back inside the house via the living room bay window.

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