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Chapter 3 from a Short Story

It's monday! Yes, that means another chapter from Friday the 13th. So far the story has been pretty tame. We have seen Pamela Voorhees' psychotic vengeance on her husband and his mistress and the aftermath of the situation.

Several years later, Sarah Skrzek has returned to Crystal Lake to spend the summer with her beloved and overprotective grand-mother, Krystyna. They share laughs and we learn that Sarah is seeing a guy from school, much to Krystyna's chagrin. During the evening news, Sarah learns of the macabre slayings that happened at Camp Crystal Lake. She is distraught over the news, as she knew one of the victims.

She sleeps it off and although still feels responsibility for the death of Melinda, she acts as if she wasn't angry anymore. She has breakfast with her grand-mother and then walks into town where, by chance, she meets another childhood friend, Tyh Simms. Although she doesn't remember him at first, their friendship quickly rekindles and passion erupts. They spend the day at the beach and Tyh tells Sarah about the weird circumstances that surround the Voorhees' murders: Jason Voorhees, the eldest child, dissapeared after the murders and was never seen again.

Note: This chapter is gruesome. Scenes from this chapter contain sexual content, violence, and coarse language. Reader and parental discretion is advised. (lol)

Dying on the Job

Sarah awoke on Friday to the smell of fried bacon. How she loved spending
summer vacations with her granny; it seemed like every day was Sunday. She
tip-toed towards the guest bathroom to wash up a little; her hair was
still dried out from the starchy lake water. In the calm silence of the
morning, she reminisced about the day before. She squeezed some body gel
into her sponge and watched it foam into a white substance. Chemistry; oh,
how I love chemistry, she thought. She smiled and hurried up her cleansing

When she arrived in the kitchen, she found the place a mess. Pots and pans
were littering the counter tops, to a point where the antique brass sink
was barely visible. She could hear her granny talk outside. She moved
closer to the patio doors and discovered that Krystyna had set up a nice
table in the garden. Two plates were meeting opposite each other, and they
were garnished with fresh fruit and sizzling maple bacon. Sarah grinned
and stepped outside. The warm July breeze greeted her gently, and then the
northern wind crept in abruptly. Granny was on the phone and she was
speaking in her native tongue. Most likely to my mother, Sarah said to
herself. She sat down in front of her plate when Krystyna noticed her. She
said goodbye to the person on the line and then sat across from her

“That was your mother on the phone” Krystyna confirmed, picking up a white
grape from her plate. “She’s going to come for a visit tomorrow.” She
continued, biting down on the vulnerable fruit.

“About tomorrow…”Sarah started off, half-smiling. “I may be working up at
Camp Crystal Lake. I think it would be fun to get a summer job” She
finalized, knowing full well what her granny thought about working so

“You don’t need a job, my sweet pea. Enjoy your summer” She answered,
which Sarah had expected.

“But I will be enjoying it. I’m going to be with kids my age, and it’ll
give you time for yourself as well” Sarah continued; kind of playing with
her food but not really eating it. The sun’s burning rays and bolstering
heat had stripped her of her appetite.

“Sarah, I haven’t seen you in the flesh in eight years. What makes you
think that you’re a bother to me?” Krystyna held back tears. She didn’t
know what emotion had brought them out, but it was a deep, passionate one.
She told Sarah she was going to get some lemonade and then rushed inside
the house.

Sarah was eyeing the rose bushes, admiring their true beauty: their
defense mechanism. They were considered to be the finest flowers in the
flora. Yet they had prickly thorns that ridged their stems. They were
ready to defend themselves at any moment. Sarah was about to collect a few
when her cell phone went off. A Bon Jovi song rang around the backyard,
exciting the neighbour’s dog. Sarah jumped on the phone and flipped it

“Hello –“

“I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday. Are you still mad because
of what happened at Caroline’s party?”

It was Travis. She was trying to avoid him and currently hated herself for
not checking her call display. She silently screamed and rolled her eyes
before even attempting to reply. “I’ve been really busy, Travis. I even
got a job” She lied. She didn’t even go for an interview yet. “Listen, I
have to hang up, I’m…um…going shopping with my grand-mother” Travis was
fumbling with his words and Sarah could hear him beg and ask if she was
dumping him. She shut the phone and clumsily dropped it to the ground.

Krystyna picked it up and rested it on the table. She told Sarah someone
was at the door for her, and then sat back down. Her long grey locks were
flying in the wind. They shadowed her eyes as they followed Sarah’s every
step back inside the house.

Tyh was standing outside, a dark silhouette behind the mesh-screened door.
Sarah smiled and quickened her pace. She opened the door and greeted him
inside the house. “Hey! I was just having breakfast with bapcia. Why don’t
you join us?”

“I can’t stay; I have a meeting” He said, scratching the back of his head;
displaying his anxiety openly. He grinned and then spotted Krystyna
standing at the back door. He nodded and looked back at Sarah. “I wanted
to know if you would like to come with me. You could talk to Lorne, the
camp director.”

She smiled and turned to her grand-mother. She sighed and nodded in
approval, under the condition that Sarah would be back for supper. Sarah
ran towards her and wrapped her arms around her granny.

“I love you!”

Krystyna waved them goodbye and went back to her garden.


The golden chimes above the door began to sing the sound of music.  Dana Roy
smiled at the welcomed customer. “I never thought you would show up! I
need my joint for tonight” She sighed, walking over towards the door to
lock it. She checked out the window one last time then lowered the wooden
blinds. “Make this quick, I’m not supposed to close the store”.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re the one who called me here at ten in the
morning. How much you need, baby?” Dan said, slipping out a full
bag of pine green marijuana from his denim coat.

“That looks like crap weed to me” Dana tossed her blonde hair over her
shoulder, showcasing her plunging neckline. “Don’t you have something, um,
better?” She continued, moving her hand over Dan's crotch. He smiled and
dropped the bag of weed on the counter.

He slipped his hand under her purple mini skirt and cupped her ass. She
moaned and trusted her hips inwards. Her head tilted backwards and the tip
of her fair hair tickled her dealer’s hand. She gasped and bit her lower
lip. He pressed his lips against hers as he lifted her on the edge of the
counter, spreading her legs as he moved in between them. He groaned as
Dana began unfastening his belt. Her green eyes looked at him with hunger.
He slipped off her black silk thong and was about to lower between her
thighs when they heard trashing and crashing coming from the back store.

“What the fuck was that?” Dana shouted, pushing her dealer away from her.
She jumped off the counter as Dan fumbled to tie up his pants. “Don’t just
stand there you idiot; go take a look!”

“This is your job, man. Fuck this shit.” He grabbed his weed off the
counter, unlocked the door and bolted out. Dana rolled her eyes and

“Pussy” She sighed aloud.

She grabbed the bat that was resting besides the cash register and made
her way towards the back. “Come out, come out wherever you are!” She
teased. She pushed the door open and examined the storage room. Mannequins
were bunched together and piles of clothes were threatening to collapse. A
warm breeze caught Dana’s attention. The back door was swaying back and
forth. It had knocked over a display of vintage hockey masks that were now
littering the floor.

“I told her not to buy those god-awful masks” She told herself, and rested
the wooden bat against one of the countless mannequins. She stepped over
the white hockey masks and closed the door shut, locking it tightly with
the brass chain.

She was about to clean up the mess when she felt a heavy breath heating
the back of her neck. She sneaked around and found herself face to face
with a man that was so big and tall, she could only compare him with an
ape. He was wearing a navy blue jumpsuit that sculpted his muscles and
barrel chest. He wore one of the vintage hockey masks and his deep
breathing sounded cruel and menacing. His eyes peered through the slits of
the mask and glowed with rage.

Kill her, boy. They’re all whores!
He swung his arm out and grabbed Dana’s blonde mane and shoved her against
one of the wall mirrors. It smashed around her and she screamed out in
pain. Her arms and legs flailed defensively as she began pounding the
man’s hands. His grip stood and he smashed her head against another

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD – “ She chocked on her own blood, continuing her
steady stream of blows to her attackers hands. Her heel broke off as she
kicked him in the chin. Her entire body had now been carved with glass
shards, some the size of dinner plates. She cried out in agony as he
smashed her head against a third mirror.

He dropped her to the ground and just stood there over her. Dana was
chocking up blood, gasping for air as she desperately clawed her way
towards the back door. Her legs were numb and useless behind her. She
pleaded with him to stop. She pleaded for him to let her go; she promised
she wouldn’t tell anyone. “Please…Please stop.”

He walked slowly towards the wooden baseball bat. He tilted his head as he
examined it. Dana looked on through teary eyes as he grabbed the bat and
walked his slow walk back towards her. “Please…” Dana begged, raising her
arm up just as the masked man swung the bat down. She felt the bone in her
forearm snap in half.

“AAAAAAAH” The arm fell to her side and Dana shut her eyes as she heard
the –swoosh– of the bat coming back down.


The streets were alive with locals today, Sarah noticed. She was sharing
company with Tyh at the Corner Café, a quaint Spanish-style coffee shop on
the main street. They were sitting on the patio outside, enjoying the
panoramic view of Crystal Lake. They were sipping on iced tea, waiting for
Lorne to arrive. He had told Tyh to be at the coffee house for eleven. “Do
I know anyone else that will be working there?” Sarah asked, wondering if
past schoolmates still lived here. “Well, maybe Dan Dubois? He was in our
second grade class with Mrs. Merrill.”

“Yeah, I remember him. Small, brown hair, had an obvious crush on Melin –“

She couldn’t bring herself to finish the name. How could she slip like
that? “It’s okay Sarah. You can talk about her” Tyh whispered, as if he
had read her mind. He went to caress her hand with his but Sarah jerked it
away instinctively.

Why am I acting like this again? She thought to herself. She looked into
his charming brown eyes and found comfort. I’m not letting this slip away.
She smiled and gently rested her hand on top of his. “You’re really sweet,
did you know that?”

“I just want you to know that you can tell me anything. I’m a great

Tyh was leaning in for a kiss when Lorne arrived at their table. He was a
tall, lanky redhead. He wore yellow swim trunks with a white tank bearing
the words “CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE”. Sarah couldn’t stop staring at his knobby
knees. They pointed in different directions, and none the right. He sat
down and grabbed a menu from the table beside them.

“What did you kids get?” He asked, hidden behind the oversized menu.

“We both ordered iced tea” Tyh answered.

Lorne ordered the same then lit a cigarette. “So Tyh said you were
interested in a summer job?” He said, exhaling a jet of blue-grey smoke.

“Yeah, working with kids sounds like fun.” She said, smiling. She grabbed
onto Tyh’s strong hand.

“Well, there is a lot of work to do before the camp actually opens; are
you ready for hard labour?” He asked, as the waitress arrived with iced

“Of course, whatever it takes.” She answered enthusiastically.

“Good to hear. You guys start first thing in the morning tomorrow. The
cabins are filthy! So get a good night’s sleep tonight. I don’t want you
dying on the job.”

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