Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Signals for What?

So every morning I limp out of bed, drag myself into the shower and slowly start getting ready for work. I must admit, I am not a morning person and I am often times drowsy when I leave my appartment complex. But if there is one thing I always make certain of, is that I am aware and alert to my surroundings.

That can't be true for everyone, unfortunately as I spot countless drivers doing whatever they want on the road, as long as no one gets hurt. What kind of driving is that? Mongol driving!

People have ceased to put on their signal lights,  or clickers as I like to call them, and they turn, pass, cut, zig-zag their way around town without this very useful tool. They figure the person behind them should notice at all times. How reckless!

And what about the three or four cars that continue going when the light is obviously yellow then RED. and you still see cars behind you following you into the intersection when they clearly should have stopped at the line.

I cannot wait to get my licenses next week (if I pass the test, cross your fingers!) to show people what driving is really all about. It's a privilege, not a right. Respect the law or get off the road!

What do you guys think? Any peeves on the road?!

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