Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 2 from a Short Story

Hey guys, here is chapter 2 of Friday the 13th. So far Sarah, the protagonist, has came back to Crystal Lake after eight years of living in New-York. She got acquainted with her grand-mother (bapcia) again and also found out about the horrible murders that unfolded at Camp Crystal Lake mere months after moving away.

We find out she is having trouble with her high school sweetheart, Travis; she is shocked and saddened at the news that her childhood friend Melinda was one of the victims of Pamela Voorhees; and she is angry that her bapcia kept the details of the murders a secret.

Enjoy chapter 2!! :D

Travis Who?

The blazing July sun was creeping through the old silk curtains. A
particular ray had peaked through the gap between the white curtains and
was slowly burning the skin on the tip of Sarah’s nose. She yawned and
stretched her arm as she shrugged the linens off of her. Sarah got out of
bed and brushed the rebel strands of auburn hair behind her ears. She
gazed at the reflection that stared back at her from the old wooden
mirror. “Imperfect…and loving it!” She winked, smiled, twisted, and
twirled her way into the adjacent guest bathroom. She turned the taps of the dingy,
rusty bath and heard a low growling emitting from the pipes.
The water splashed out a dirty brown before flowing evenly into its clear
natural state. Sarah removed her flannel pajamas and stepped inside the
shower. She swung the black plastic curtain shut and began humming her
favourite show tune.

Krystyna was frying up some fresh hen eggs and listening to classic Johnny
Cash songs when Sarah entered the bright-lit kitchen. “I just love Ring of
Fire, bapcia!” She joined her grand-mother in chant and sneaked a kiss on
her rosy cheeks.

“How are you this morning, dziewczynka?” Her grand-mother asked, looking
over her shoulder and smiling at her precious dziewczynka, her little
girl. “I’m feeling better. I apologize for last night granny.” Sarah
replied before kissing her granny on the cheek. Krystyna flipped the eggs
and slid them on the plates. Sarah could see her place some more food
around the eggs and then she set the plates down on the table. “Enjoy, I
made it just for you, sweetie.”

A garnished plate smiled back at her; it had two yellow and white eyes;
eggs. It had a bulbous bright red button nose; half of a Roma tomato. A
brown smile just below the nose, oddly straight with a slight smirk; Crisp
bacon. And the happy face that lived on her plate had two grapefruit
segments for ears. Sarah remembered and cherished the happy face. It
greeted her every Sunday morning when she was younger. She smiled at her
grand-mother. Krystyna smiled back. “I’m happy that you are doing okay
Sarah. If you want to talk to me about what happened…” Krystyna took a
small bite of her eggs. “…I am a great listener.” She finished, laying the
fork back on the plate.

“I don’t, actually” Sarah answered, somewhat hollow. She knew she didn’t
mean what she said. She felt sad; a simple sadness no more, no less. She
grieved for her deceased friend and longed for answers about her death.
How can someone murder with no remorse. Murder a child, no less. It
disgusted her and she couldn’t think about it anymore; it made her ill.
“I’m going to go into town later. You know, shop around.” She blurted out;
rather that then vomiting.

“Why don’t I come with you, I’ll get you a lovely necklace from Rebecca’s.”

“No it’s okay, I won’t be long anyways” she answered quickly, stuffing a
grapefruit quarter in her mouth. She kissed her grand-mother on the cheek,
slung her purse over her shoulder and mumbled something before running out
the door.

The main road was actually what Sarah referred to when she said town.
Crystal Lake shared its name with the large body of water not only because
it encompassed the lake but because most of the town was actually that; a
lake. It was the colour of night surrounded by large evergreens of all
shapes and sizes. There were two beaches but a large cape in the middle
separated the beaches from view. The north winds attracted loons that sang
out gloomily across the stretch of water. Several fishermen were out near
the small rapids, hoping to catch the migrating fishes from the southern
parts of New-York. Sarah recognized one of them as being Joe Fletcher, the
local butcher. His shop was on the main road Sarah was walking along, just
beside Jonah’s Market. Some of the shops Sarah had come to enjoy had since
closed down. Other shops, less intriguing shops Sarah thought, had since

She had hoped to buy a fantasy novel from the Book Worm, but was
disappointed to learn that it had closed several years ago. The owner,
Mrs. Henderson, couldn’t handle the grieving process in the very town her
son had been murdered in. Agoraphobia had set in, and she daren’t venture
into town of fear people would ask her about her poor boy. He had been one
of many that had been murdered at the hands of Pamela Voorhees. An art
gallery of sorts had replaced the quaint bookstore.

Sarah crossed the street, attracted by a painting that hung in the window.
It was still early, the small town was sleeping; this painting however, is
well awake thought Sarah. She was so close to the window that her breath
drew fog shapes on the glass. The bright linear lines shone through the
foggy window. Ruby red, saffron yellow, plum purple, zesty orange, lime
green. Simple lines slashed from left to right, right to left. But there
was such passion behind the strokes. She could imagine lying under a
rainbow of the same colours; light as a feather and care-free. She was
lost in thought when someone nicked her shoulder with a sharp object. The
sting of the stab pulsed through Sarah’s back.

“I am so sorry!” The guy said, resting his guitar against the window. “I
never knew this guitar could be so dangerous” He continued, attempting an
apologetic smile. He awkwardly gestured helpfully toward her shoulder but
Sarah shrunk back. “I’m okay; it’s just a small puncture” She said,
walking away. The guy grabbed his guitar and trotted behind her.

“My name is Tyh, by the way; kind of odd circumstances to meet” He said,
laughing in between. “Are you new in town?” He asked, now walking besides
her, carefully carrying his guitar on his back.

“I lived here when I was a kid. Look, I’m not in the mood for small talk
with a stranger” She answered harshly.  I need to control my emotions,
Sarah thought. Once again, the words had been spoken with venom, when in
fact she wanted to get to know this guy. She just didn’t trust herself.
She thought briefly about Travis; his cute smile, his shaggy hair. This
guy named Tyh didn’t look anything like her boyfriend. He was taller; his
features were darker, more prominent. His eyes sank deeper and casted a
shadow that Sarah found attractive. He was well-groomed and well-dressed;
for a guitar-player.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m Sarah” She smiled and extended
her hand. He shook it, and Sarah felt warm at the touch of his hand. “Nice
to meet you, Sarah” He said, laughing.

“What? Why are you laughing?” She asked, unable to contain her own laughter.

“Sarah Skrzek?” He said, looking at her. Sarah stopped walking and turned
to him. “Oh my God, Tyh Simms! You we’re in Miss Merrill’s class, weren’t
you?” She said, eyeing him even more profoundly. She remembered now having
a crush on him, and even gave him a Valentine in second grade. Sarah
blushed and looked away.

“When you said your name it kind of struck me. I remember you being a
blonde though” He said, sliding his hand over her brown locks. Shivers
travelled atop her skin, creating miniature dune-like mounts. She took to
walking again, gazing out towards the lake. “Yeah I find it more mature to
have brown hair. Call me crazy” She responded gleefully. They naturally
headed towards the western shores of Crystal Lake. A family of loons was
waddling towards the water, rushing their pace as Sarah and Tyh approached
the coast.

“Where did you move to, anyways?” Tyh inquired, throwing tiny pebbles into
the dark water.

“New-York City. My dad wanted something…um…bigger.”

“Well, that’s interesting, don’t you think? Moving on to greener
pastures?” He threw another couple of pebbles, one of them ricocheting off
the water and landing a bit further away with a definite –SPLOOSH—.

“They’re divorcing. Hence my summer visit here. I wanted to come though
and kind of just get away from it all” Sarah imitated Tyh and began
throwing the rocks as well. She moved closer to the water and dipped her
feet in glimmering lake. She was ready to throw another pebble when Tyh
came running besides her, splashing and trashing in the water. Sarah let
out a scream as the cold water plastered her skin. “I didn’t want to get
wet!” She laughed out before joining Tyh in the lake. They started
play-fighting in the shallow depths of Crystal Lake. Sarah pinched her
nose and went for a dunk.

When she emerged from the dark waters, she found that Tyh had mysteriously
disappeared. “Tyh, don’t scare me!” She said, trembling. The winds had
picked up, and it was blowing cold air rather than warm. She was walking
back towards the shore when she felt a hand on her ankle. She let out a
scream and started slapping the water around her. Tyh jumped out and
grabbed her by the waist.

They stood there in silence for a few minutes; gazing into each other’s
eyes. He has such dark eyes, Sarah thought. They lingered. Why isn’t he
kissing me, she told herself. From the corner of her eye, she spotted a
row of cabins along the opposite shore. People we’re walking around like
ants. “What’s going on?” Sarah asked, breaking the silence. She inched
away and walked out of the water.

“They’re cleaning up the campsite. Someone bought it last year and they’re
opening up after eight years.” He answered sadly.

“I just found out what happened yesterday. I can’t believe Melinda is
dead. Do you know what happened? I didn’t get the full story.” Sarah
walked up towards a fir tree and sat down back against trunk. Tyh did the
same with an oak tree.

“It was gruesome. The town has never been the same. So many people died;
young people, kids. Pamela Voorhees bought the campsite along with her
husband and two kids. This was a few months before you moved. You must
have known Jason Voorhees; the freckle-faced toad that probed animals and
beat up girls. Anyways, there was a huge storm later that summer and
Pamela went looking for her husband. He hadn’t come back from a canoe
lesson with a camp councilor. She found him fucking the girl in the
forest. She smashed her broken lantern across the girl’s face and then she
bashed her husband’s brain with his oar. She returned to the campsite and
murdered everyone there, including her daughter. She surrendered to the
police but Jason, her bastard son, was never heard of again. Not a peep.”

Sarah felt chills invade her compact body. She didn’t remember Jason
Voorhees or his family. She had remembered Sammy’s Camp had been sold but
she had never met the new owners. So much terror and violence had been
shed that night. It still resonated in the small lake town.

“They’re actually looking for camp councilors for the summer. Why don’t
you apply? We could work together” He said, smirking.

“You’re actually going to work there, after what’s happened?” She said,
but was thinking about applying for a position. Why not earn extra money,
she thought. And it wouldn’t be terrible to spend more time with Tyh. “The
woman is in jail, Sarah.”

Sarah was about to tell him that she might apply for the job when her cell
phone rang inside her purse. She just noticed the sun was setting. She had
been out longer than she had anticipated. She fumbled through the melee
until she found her phone. It was her grandmother. “I got to go, but I’ll
see you around?” She said smiling.

Sarah walked inside the house and found her grand-mother sleeping in the
living room. The television was on and it was casting bright light on
Krystyna’s ageless face. Sarah turned it off and shrugged her granny
awake. “You’re going to complain about back pains. Go to bed. Up. Up” She
helped her grand-mother out of the chair and they walked up the stairs

“Did you have fun today?” Krystyna asked as she parted ways with Sarah and
made her way towards her bedroom. “Travis called twice”

Sarah turned and smiled at her grand-mother. “Travis who?” She giggled and
closed her bedroom door.

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