Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Last Night of 2010

Almost all of my New-Year's Eve (NYE) parties have been amazing but this year topped them all. My sister hosted yet another great party, with this year's them being Champagne & Chocolate. Although I had none of those colours in my clothes, I think I looked quite spiffy in classic grey and black.

The party was once again a mixture of friends from everyone, including the Halloween Mummy. I finally saw the person beneath the wrapping. You have to love the holidays for that reason, seeing everyone dressed up and pimped out.

I was introduced to sangria this holiday season and was happily drinking it again during NYE. Although my bottle of wine and O.J emptied out early, there was plenty more on the counter. Hope they don't read this blog ;)

The funniest part of the night was probably me attempting to play air hockey WITH a drink in hand. That or my sister's boyfriend trying to clean the top of the air hockey table with a dry cloth. Hilarious! There was games and prizes during the night. The first one was a competitive game of Kinect for Xbox. It was followed by the usual gift unwrapping with gloves and scarves. If you don't know that game you must try it at your next party. Here are the rules.

1. You must wrap a small gift in multiple boxes with LOADS of tape. Makes it harder to unwrap and funnier.

2. Have everyone sit in a circle with the multi-wrapped gift in the middle.

3. One person puts a scarf and gloves on while the person to the right rolls a pair of dices. The person with the winter accessories has to open the gift. If the person to the right rolls the pre-determined winning number (let's say 12), he puts the gloves and scarf on while the person on their right rolls the dice and tries to get 12.

4. Repeat until someone opens the final gift!

I don't know what the prizes were though. I had won some the previous years and thought it would be nice to let someone else win a prize. But then I didn't follow through to learn what the actual prizes were.

When the time struck and the we all shouted HAPPY NEW-YEAR, i obviously drunk-called my mother to wish her the best for the year to come ( I shwish shyou the besht Mom, I love you Shappy New-Ear!) and apparently did the same to my friend Janelle. I have no recollection of this but was reminded of it the following day. Oh God!

I did well on the hors-d'oeuvres that were handed out and I believe I only had some pigs in a blanket and crackers. That may well be corrected later on!

Me and my friend Liane had bet earlier on that we had to stay spiffy no matter how intoxicated we got and it worked wonders. Neither of us looked facially-challenged when I finally left around 3h00 in the morning. Which is an accomplishment in itself!

As usual the taxi times were tough. We waited for something like one hour when me and my neighbour, Dan, decided to walk to the Brass bar to wait for the cab. Upon arriving there (HAHAHAHAHAHA) some crackhead woman came rushing towards us asking us for protection in our car and she looked distraught. Obviously, as we were both on foot with no apparent car belonging to us.

I obviously said F*** this shit, and turned around and suggested we go to the pizza place to wait instead. Thank the good Lord above. Mere minutes after walking to the 1 for 1 pizza, six cop cars came speeding in the parking lot and towards the bar. Yeah, it was like a movie. And we were the token drunk guys. I felt like Jonah Hill for a split-second.

So we obviously ordered pizza (yessiry, it was still open at that time). Some girl asked why we had back-packs on and I just called her a grenade, which is not like me at all but i blame the alcohol. Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol!! We went out to wait for the cab and I chowed down my slice of pizza and was still hungry so I go back inside to order another one and the guy gives me 5 for the price of one. Bacon, too!!

That bacon on the pizza was gone in two seconds. Didn't even want the rest, just the baaaaacon. MMM.

Cab came, had to close my eyes and zone out cause the driver was faster then a freakin' jetplane doing roundabouts at 70 miles per hour. Imagine what that did to my intoxicated body.

Got home safe, locked my door behind me and fell asleep instantaneously. Thank God I was too drunk to dream about the Starwars Crackhead. lol.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. I don't believe you called a girl a grenade! Sounds like you had an awesome night!

  2. My friend was busy telling her friend that he had carried enormous amounts of beer in his bag, and with my slurring, i'm convinced the girl in question didn't hear me. lol. I had watched a jersey shore episode that day and was brainwashed apparently :D


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