Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a Health Craze Thing

So I have been feeling blue and gloomy this past month and I couldn't figure out why. Winter has never made me feel moody and I am far from being seasonal depressed. I thought maybe it was the back to school mayhem at work that might have made my energy drop tenfolds. But then I thought back to last year when I did my daily exercises and ate healthy and thought: Whoa Nelly! I may need to get back into shape, and noooow!

So i bought a new Biggest Loser DVD to add that extra cardio into my routine. Went grocery shopping and stuck to good food (okay okay, I bought a box of Chips Ahoy! Rainbow, but only to reminisce about childhood). I prepare my lunches at night to avoid temptation like Subway (looks healthy but not the way I eat it lmao) or Shawarma's, my two biggest cravings.

In the morning, I eat my oats with strawberries, bananas, or apples: whatever fruit i feel like eating that morning. I accompany that with a cup of Twinning's earl gray instead of my usual double double coffee. It keeps me full until lunch and again, I avoid my usual bagel with cream cheese.

For lunch I bring leftovers from the previous night. I know if I bring sandwiches to work, they will stay in the fridge and my fat ass will be moving quite fast to the cafeteria for my dose of shawarma. I need a warm lunch or else I will drift towards the mega caf. I usually bring a fruit&nut bar for "dessert".

And then, here's the good part, I get home and walk up my stairs instead of using the elevator. Now this I only started two days ago and lemme tell you, It is killing my legs. When I get home (after crashing on the couch for two minutes) I prepare my supper by using the plate concept: One quarter meat, one quarter carb, one half vegetables.

My mission this time around (as compared to last year when I really needed to lose the weight) is to lose 20 lbs. No time period, no nothing, just reach back my 220lbs, which is healthy for my height. I'm doing it for health reasons, and not for any kind of outside reward. Although I do look better when my double chin stays tucked in, let me tell you!

Now where can I get a scale that lies to me???

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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