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2010: A year in review

Ok so maybe writing this hungover with shaky hands is not the best of ideas, but it's worth a shot. I mean, 2010 was anything but shaky, and it's a new year so let's reverse it. Makes sense to me this morning :D

So at this time last year I was just about ready to start my co-op placement at the Financial Aid Office of the University of Ottawa. I was nervous, I did not know what to expect as I had only clerk work before. I was surprised to find that an office setting is actually a vivacious environment. The people were so nice to me and everyone wanted to show me around and really make me feel at ease. I loved my month long placement and was really anticipating a job offer. It unfortunately did not come and my placement was over by January 28th.

I GRADUATED!! I completed my accounting course and succesfully passed my work placement. This was also the month of Liane and Dana's birthday bash!! We partied it up in the countryside and the pictures speak for themselves. I was looking for clerical work and was in no mood of going back to a minimum wage job. A whole month without revenue makes life kinda boring. Thankfully, February is the shortest month.

MARCH 2010
The job search was fruitless and I decided to go back to my job at Shell's gas station. The peeps I worked with were amazing and Julie was nice enough to talk with the new owner to get my job back. I also went to my first indoor english concert to watch Billy Talent rock Scotiabank Place. We finished the night partying it up for Sarah's 24th birthday. What a night!

APRIL 2010
Springtime!! Also the month with the most birthdays, including mine. We had a nice party to celebrate mine and Jessica's birthdays at my parents place and that is the night I learned maybe I shouldn't be playing poker in such a drunken state. Thankfully we just played with 5$. phew!

MAY 2010
I was offered a contract position at the University. I was stoked to start working again at the Financial Aid Office. I also decided to start saving up money. VEHICLE!!

As I spent the entire summer working full time and putting money aside, I didn't do as much as I would have liked. I did go to the new waterpark Calypso. We had a blast, that waterpark is SiiCK!! Most def not for people who suffer from vertigo hehe. I went to the cottage and of course the time i decide to go is the time we find out we were robbed. Joy! We celebrated another St-Jean-Bapstite in style at the marina in Aylmer. Three days of drinking and watching live performances by the river. Pure fun!!

My friend Dan moved into a new appartment and when I went to check out his new digs, I decided the building in question would be ideal for my first place. I called the number, fixed a meeting and two days later i signed the contract. It was a busy time at work, what with the Prep Week for students and all, and combined with the packing and the stress of moving out I took it quiet for the last two weeks of september. Very Quiet!

I moved out of my parents house for the first time and into my new appartment. It was sooo empty at first and I felt inside a hollow shell. So i went out to Ikea with the sister and bought a ton of furniture and stuff to make the place my own. It was also my sister's birthday and my niece's. We had a great halloween party at the sister's place and the theme was "character/persona" and I was dressed as a chief indian tribe which I secretly named Arrow. I learned my contract would be renewed until January 2011.

We started the month off by celebrating my brother and my sister-in law's birthdays. I got settled even more in my place by finally assembling all the Ikea crap I bought. Not much happened other then that in November. I will adress the Movember campaign and the laughs it created when students came in with the ugliest moustaches evaaaaaaaa. Great cause though!!

The last month of the year! I had amazing times with my co-workers. We closed early one day and all went to an organized lunch for the administrative employees. I won rechargeable batteries which bummed me out at first but then thought: Hey, these will be perfect for my camera and my Wii remotes! We followed that up with a breakfast the following week at Father and Sons. This time it was just financial aid employees. That was our last day of work until January 4th!!

I spent christmas eve's at Liane's parents house. We laughed, drank, and had a good time! They opened their gifts and I got to witness Liane's reaction to getting her Wii Fit. Joy! I slept at my parents house, an entire three hours and then we had breakfast and opened the gifts with my precious nieces. My sister and her boyfriend arrived later and then we opened our exchange gifts. My mom got me the most awesome elephant candleholders. I love elephants, by the way. We visited my grand-mother then had supper as a family. There was a Dorion family party at my cousin's and we went for a few beers. My sister went back home and i went back to my parents and continued the party and played cards.

I visited a school friend on the 26th. My friends from work came over on the 28th for supper and drinks. I ended up at the casino and ordering Mcdonald's from a taxi and drunk called my friend Jessica while laughing 2 in the morning.

And then we finished the year with another great party with great people and great food. By great food I mean pig in a blanket and crackers. Perfect party food! I should give a shout-out to the Star Wars CrackHead but she probably doesn't own a computer...but shoutout anyway! That girl had class! haha

What was your notable moments of 2010 and what do you anticipate for this year? Post a comment!

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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