Thursday, December 30, 2010

Movies That Rocked My World (and changed the axis!)

Everyone that knows me remotely knows that I am a HUGE movie fan. I own over 300 movies and frequently visit my local Cinema. I want to share with you the movies that changed my perception of life, made me cry, made me think about the world around me, and movies that made me L-O-L. Here is my top 15 movies that rocked my world. Enjoy and post a comment :)

15. Crash - Paul Haggis
I saw this one for the first time in theatres, expecting a thriller. I don't know why, but the title made me think thriller. I hadn't seen the previews and a co-worker of mine invited me out to see Crash. I was not dissapointed with this movie. Sure, Brendan Fraser is a terrible actor and this part did NOT suit him but the performances by Sandra Bullock, Terrence Howard, and Matt Dillon were enough to have me coming back for more in DVD.

14. Saw - James Wan
Another movie I went to see without knowing much about it. As a big horror movie fan, I was really expecting another slasher of sorts and was pleasantly surprised when I realised the movie was really going to take place in one room with two men. That meant psychology and witty script. The movie did not dissapoint and the twist ending is by far the second best behind The Sixth Sense. I will not refer to the endless crap sequels that followed. (Saw III is decent)

13. Night of the Living Dead - George A. Romero
THE movie that started it all. I had never in my life watched a movie and then thought about the meaning behind it all. Yes, this is a zombie movie on the surface, but once you peel it open and expose the layers you come to realise that this is a socio-political piece on human nature. Both versions are equally good.

12. Blindess - Fernando Meirelles
I bought this movie because it was on sale. After watching it, I had to wonder why anyone would want to sell this at such a low price. Rarely do I qualify a hollywood movie as being "art". This movie nails it. Julianne Moore gives yet another endearing performance as a married woman who has vision in a world of blindness. Fernando captures the raw moments in life where we question the significance of our existence and he shows us the true nature of humans in times of desperation. We become selfish and there are moments in the movie that will leave you cringing and screaming at the screen. One word for this movie: Powerful.

11. Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Robert Zemeckis
Who didn't watch this movie as a child and felt amazed at the graphics? Everything about this movie is pure hollywood genius!! Even to this day, the plot stands firms, the graphics are impecable and Roger Rabbit is just as hip now as he was twenty years ago. Toontown, here I come!!

10. Shaun of the Dead - Edgar Wright
So it's no hidden fact that I admire zombie movies. They are often the only type of horror movies that go beyong the blood and guts. Not this one. It is a pure comedy with zombies in it. The performances of the two leading men are simply outstanding and the comedy blitz with Phillip is hilarious. Poor bloke will never be accepted by Shaun. Even in the afterlife. This movie made me LMAO.

9. Running Scared - Wayne Kramer
Another movie I bought because of the price tag attached to it. I had seen Paul Walker on the cover of the movie and immediately thought: this movie will probably suck. Was I ever wrong. This movie starts off with a bang and never stops until the end. It is the movie that made me discover Vera Farmiga and really fall in love with Elizabeth Mitchell. It is not for the faint of heart.

8. In Dreams - Neil Jordan
Annette Benning and Robert Downey Jr. in the same movie. I think that sums it up quite nicely.

7. Crazy in Alabama - Antonio Banderas
This is a true coming-of-age story that not only makes you laugh but makes you run through every single emotion a human being can have. Antonio Banderas really proves he can do something else then just acting. And Melanie Griffith really delivers as a crazed woman who has a head in her purse. Litterally.

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michael Gondry
So we all know Michael Gondry is a genius but never had I thought he was capable of directing such a fantastic movie. It took me a couple of viewings to understand the movie and the ending to it, but once I catched on, i couldn't let go. It is touching, funny, and sad. The best dramatic movie by Jim Carrey since The Truman Show.

5. Pan's Labyrinth - Guillermo Del Toro
This a movie everyone has to watch at least once. What's so troubling about this movie is not the fact that a little girl dreams up a world to escape the horrors of war, but that the world she creates is just as dark if not darker then reality. A sad, touching movie from one of the best.

4. Fargo - The Coen Brothers
This movie created a Coen Brothers Fan. Me! I hadn't heard about them when I watched this movie for the first time and boy, let me tell you, they can make an entertaining movie!! Frances Mcdormand is to die for what with her accent and her ridiculous police outfit. Gotta laugh everytime!!

3. Bobby - Emilio Estevez
Another actor-turned-director. Emilo Estevez hits it out of the park with this one. The music, the casting, the direction, everything about this movie is fantastic. All the storylines lead to a sad ending that touched Americans and the world alike. A true hero died that night but his lasting impression on people will forever be remembered because of this brilliant movie. Watch for Demi Moore as an alcholic singer. best performance!

2. Cruel Intentions - Roger Kumble
A frigging good movie about rich people who are bored with their socialite lives. Sarah Michelle Gellar is TOP NOTCH in this one. Based on Les Liaisons Dangereuse.

1. The Mist - Frank Darabont
Wow. This movie really dives into the human psyche and forces the viewers to ask themselves: Is the threat outside or from within? Frank Darabont is a master at transforming Stephen King novels into fantastic movies (see Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile). He doesnt miss the mark with this one. Marcia Gay Harden is remarkable in a role she should have been nominated for. Her "mother theresa gone mad" role is brilliantly played out until the bitter end. And what is to say about the ending. It had people talking for months! MUST SEE!

What movies rocked your world or missed the mark entirely? Post your comments bellow :D

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink


  1. If you haven't yet, you MUST watch Mozart and the Whale. It's about a group of adults with Asperger's syndrome and two of them fall in love. It's really interesting and sweet, but not sappy at all. And Josh Hartnet is really good in his role as an autistic person.

    Gia : my other favorite movie. Angelina Jolie as a lesbian, drug-addicted supermodel. BEAUTIFUL movie.

  2. I will def check them out. Angelina as a lesbian drug-addicted supermodel?? SWEET!!

    Thanks for commenting, hope you continued reading :)

  3. One of my favourite surprise love movies is "Once". A friend recommended it to me and not only is it an awesome movie, it has some incredible music. Check it out!

  4. Thanks ashlie, i'll check it out for sure! :D


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