Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (8)

eight: we become three

Leila's hand is moist - I find that odd considering the frigid weather that settles in at these times up North. But I don't let it go, I never leave her sight as we make our way through the small crowd that gathered around the new arrival.

I spot Felix by one of the birch trees and subtly let go of my leader's hand. Leila continues through the gathering as I navigate left towards Felix. His eyes are focused on the people that have now formed a cicrle.

The snow crunches under my feet as I settle beside Felix and lean my head on his shoulder.

"You got everything?" He asks, never betraying his gaze.

"Leila caught me before I could grab some cans." The commotion begins to draw in my attention. I keep talking but my eyes are fixed on the crowd. "But I managed to get a few dry goods. Enough for a few weeks."

"That's good" He answers but never looks away from the people. "Um...Charlie, I have bad news."

I had my fair share of bad news already. Everything that seems to be happening to us is either bad or really fucking bad. The attack on our hometown, the death, the pursuit, the betrayal, the loss. And even the life inside me is just another bad turn of events. He better not tell me they loss the boat.

"What is it, Felix? I can't take another swing. I just can't."

"You're not going to like this, Charlie," he says, turning his back to the crowd.

I can tell just be the look in Felix's eyes that unpleasant things are about to happen. But I survived a zombie attack; I witnessed death; faced it head on and didn't back down. I'm tired of running and he knows it.

"Felix, just spit it out already!" I slap him on the shoulder and he laughs. He fucking laughs.

"I like it when you get mad. Life comes back." he snickers, returns his attention to the crowd. Hands in his pocket, he seems so relax right now. News can't be that bad.

"The person who has arrived...We know her." he looks back at me, just for a second. Long enough to see my face drop. Aleksandra. My heart skips and for the first time in two days I am terribly fearful for my life.

"We have to go, Felix!"

"We can't."

"What? She killed David - "
"Charlie... it's David's sister; the new arrival is Greta Price."

Ohmygod. I half-laugh, half-scream and run through the crowd until I get into the circle and lock eyes with the little girl, with Greta.


The moment she starts running for me I know. I just know. We're three now.

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