Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (10)

ten: prisoners of war

It smells ranky. Of all my senses, smell if the one that comes back first. Then I hear Felix whispering my name and soon I manage to open my eyes. It's dark and damp, and with both those factors I can only assume we are in some kind of basement or bunker. There is only a small patch of light creeping in from the only door I can see.

"Where did they put us?" I ask Felix, crawling towards him as I speak.

"I don't know. But she thinks we want to take over the island. With Aleksandra and Greta." Felix sighs, giving away his thoughts on how ridiculous that concept was. Us with her? Aleksandra?

"It does seem odd though that Aleksandra and Greta are both here. But we have to convince Malory that we don't want to usurp their utopia." I wrap my arms around Felix to warm myself up.

"Paranoïa is a difficult adversary to fight. And the odds that we know two arrivals, with one scoping the mainland? Charlie, I don't know how we're going to get out of this one."

"We just have to tell her about Aleksandra. She has - "

I'm cut off by the sound of the door opening. Felix and I jump to our feet when Connor steps inside. He eyes us down. I go to speak when he grabs Felix by the arm.

"You're coming with me."

"Connor," I spit his name out, with anger, with venom, "you guys are making a mistake by bringing that girl here. She killed my best friend -"

"-Save it for the cows, we're not blinded by your tactics Mrs. Olsen." He makes a funny face when he says my name, as if the mention of it alone repulses him. Felix gives me one of those looks - the you'll-be-safe one - and then dissapears with Connor.

The door doesn't close. Malory walks in just as the boys leave. In the dim light, Malory's red hair radiates; her green eyes locked with mine.

"You thought you could just waltz in here and take it away, Charlotte? I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"It's not what you think -"

"I don't care what kind of story you've made up to cover your tracks. I'm not a bloody idiot, little girl." She shouts the last word and steps forward, slapping me across the face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you! That bitch across the sea is the one who murdered my best friend. We parted ways - there is no conspiracy. Not on my side."

"Keep believing your lies, Charlotte. Sooner or later you'll have to face the truth. You're no different then your parents. Deception and greed runs in your veins. To bloody hell with all of you."

She turns around and leaves me in the dark. The door closes shut and i'm left with that thought in my head. You're no different then your parents. Deception and greed runs in your veins.

Does it?

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