Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (9)

nine: something about greta

Most of the survivors have already scattered. Only Greta, Malory, Leila, Felix, and I remain with Connor looking on from a distance. A northern wind begins to chill us and soon Malory suggests we go in one of the cabin.

"It's time we talk", Malory says and looks down at Leila and Greta, "You girls want hot chocolate?"

Both of them nod and Malory makes eye contact with Connor. He seems to understand her glare and soon whisks the two girls away to another cabin. Malory points at both Felix and I and gestures for us to follow her. I look at Felix with worry; both our packs are loaded with food and we obviously look on the run.

But Greta isn't with us and I'm not leaving Fogo Island without her. So I roll my eyes and follow Felix and Malory into her cabin.

Once inside, I feel the fire nipping away at the cold on my skin. Felix removes his coat and pack and so I do the same.

"You guys want tea or coffee?" Malory asks us and starts for the kitchen.

"No thanks," I answer for Felix and I, "what is it you want to talk about, Malory? About my mom. Or about the cure?"

Felix jumps in his seat and Malory stops mixing the coffee. She doesn't look over her shoulder, simply returns to preparing the hot beverages. "Weren't you advised not to mention that, Felix?"

"I didn't..." He looks at me, lowers his eyes. Is he ashamed? "...I didn't have a choice. She's everything I have right now."

The familiarity with which they speak is unsettling. I'm starting to doubt that Felix told me everything about the initiation I saw, where I thought they were killing him. They're playing me for a fool.

"Okay, will one of you tell me what is going on?" I jump out of my seat, arms crossed and nostrils flaring. Furious. Betrayed. "What are you hiding? TELL ME! I've been through fucking hell and back again, now tell me everything." I didn't notice the tears until now. I look at Felix and back at Malory, both ignoring my gaze.

Malory finally turns around and hands me a cup of strongly brewed coffee, judging by its potent aroma. She invites me to sit down.

"It's complicated," Malory begins, "and that is not what I wanted to talk about. We have another issue right now, and that's why I invited you here. How do you know the little girl?"

"Greta?" Felix says, "She's a girl from the neighbourhood."

"She was my best friend's sister." I answer, glaring at Felix. I'm so angry, we should of been on the boat by now - far away from here.

"And what about her friend on the other side of the sea? Tall blonde girl, goes by the name of Aleksandra?" Malory says with her british accent, sipping away at her Earl Grey.

She looks at both our faces. I don't know about Felix but my mouth is wide open with exclamation. I knew she would find us.

"What? Didn't think we knew what you were up to?"

Suddenly the doors crash open and several men enter, armed with their spears. Felix and I jump up but I know we are powerless right now. What the fuck just happened?

"Nobody is going to try and take our home." Malory orders the men to take us to Connor's cabin. "And the girl as well. Benny, get a crew togheter and get the one across the sea. Bloody hell. Kids trying to take us over. Ridiculous."

I go to tell her that she's wrong, that Aleksandra killed my best friend, that we have nothing to do with this; but one of the men hits me on the head with something hard and soon my hearing goes and my vision follows.

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