Monday, November 26, 2012

The Infected: Fogo Island (16)

sixteen: voice of the past

My body has never felt so foreign to me. The cold winds have taken over my skin and the hunger stripped away my insides. I'm dying, I think to myself. I'm dying and I'll never be able to see my unborn child, won't be able to kiss Felix, or run my hand through my hair whenever it would grow back.

Malory is walking ahead of me, clearing the way with my makeshift spear. The new conditions of our planet seemed to have taken effect on the weather as well. Ice began to form on the trees of Fogo Island, causing severe damages to the forest, and in some cases blocking us access from moving forward. We don't have much left to walk - I can even see tiny figures in the distance - but every step I make is a struggle. I'm hurting, everywhere, all the time.

My left leg started cramping a few days ago and the pain hasn't ceased. It's fucking unbearable.

"We'll have to crawl under that tree, can you do it?" Malory asks me, and I have to put my hand above my eyes to see her. The snow reflects sunlight way too well.

"Yeah. If it means seeing Felix." I manage to say between breaths. I lean forward and rest my hand against a frozen birch tree.

"Why don't you let me bloody look at it? I don't believe you-"

"I'm fine." I cut her off. I don't want to wait anymore. I want to see Felix, tell him about the pregnancy. I want him to know that he's going to be a father.

"Whatever. I think it's worst then you let on." Malory says. She approaches the fallen tree and starts brushing snow from beneath the trunk.

I watch Malory crawl under the massive tree trunk. I notice how much she used her legs to wiggle herself through the tight space. I know my leg is going to hurt like hell when my turn comes, but Felix is only five minutes away. He's probably worried sick about me.

"Hey, you coming?" Malory asks, from over the tree trunk. I can't see her.

"Yeah. Yeah, i'm coming now!" I answer back.

I carefully get on my knees and start crawling slowly towards the hole between the trunk and ground. I stop when I get at the hole. There was something in Malory's voice that sounded off. Something rattles on the other side of the hole. I stop completly and listen. I hear whispers, voices, a conversation. She's not alone. We've probably reached their new campsite. I suddenly feel very light. The lack of sleep and food combined with this new fear has weakened me.

"What's taking so bloody long, Charlie? We're almost there" Malory says, and the crack in her voice confirms my doubts. Why isn't she telling me though?

"Yeah, it's my leg. I'm going to attempt to go over the trunk." I answer. I lay still, waiting for an answer. This is the true test.

"Whatever, Charlie. Just bloody get over here, something's up. Ok don't point that at me, I'll tell her! I'll tell her!."

What the hell is going on? I get back on my two feet and use my spear to help me stay up.

"Malory!! Who are you talking to?"

"She's here, Charlotte. She's found us. Your mom found us."

I hear actual sorrow and despair in her voice. My mom is here.

"Mom! Don't hurt her! Please, i'm coming. I'm -" In a hurry to get into the crawlspace, I twist my ankle and the pain that shoots through my leg is too unbearable.

"Ahhhh!" I let let go of my spear and fall on the snow covered forest floor. The last thing I remember before passing out is hearing my mother scream out my name.

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