Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stardom - Movie Review

Besides being a movie fanatic, i'm a compulsive buyer. Combine the two and you have HMV's target client. Moi!

While roaming the alleys several years back, I stumbled upon a movie that sported a rather bleak cover with the title Stardom on it. I was litterally standing in front of the display for quite some time pondering the origin of the word. Is it english or french? That is basically my first question for everything as I have grown up mashing both languages into what is commonly known as franglais or Frenglish, depending on which side you see it.

Back to the point, well some would say THAT is the point. Most people remember Bon Cop, Bad Cop as THE bilingual movie of all times but before that, there was a gem of a film which happened to be my newly purchased item: Stardom.

It stars Jessica Paré as a model/actress who goes from zero to hero in the matter of second and really explores this new phenomenon known as paparazzi. It does not hide the dark sides of the business and really sinks into the mainstream media and how aggressive they can be with young starlets who are fresh in the business.

Paré is flawless throughout the movie and her quirky looks work really well for her in this movie. You can see the transformation from shy, naive caterpillar to full blown liberal butterfly. Her subtle facial expressions really speak volumes especially in the scenes she shares with Dan Aykroyd. They have that connection that engages you into the movie and that's what sold me.

The movie flows really well between scenes and it is shot documentary-style not unlike Behind The Music. The cinematography by Guy Dufaux is breathtaking with panoramic views of Montreal and Toronto and beautiful shots of the varied landscape found in Canada. It is as much a tribute to our Country as it is to up-and-coming stars.

The movie is somewhat dark and unapologetic but don't be fooled by the "film noir" tag it was given during it's festival rotations, this movie is as much about being humble and remembering your roots as it is about exposing the nastiness of paparazzos. A must see for movie-lovers.


Jessica Paré as Tina
Dan Aykroyd as Barry
Thomas Gibson as Renny

Jessica Paré is like a mix between Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler and if you are wondering where it is you saw her, here is a small filmography:

Lost and Delirious - Victoria
Wicker Park - Rebecca
The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton - Nancy Eaton (reallyyyyy good TV movie)
Suck - Jennifer
Mad Men - Megan Calvet

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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