Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Infected: Blog Story (3)

three: theory boy

The humid smell of the big yellow bus was litterally making me ill. I looked back and could still see grams waving from the end of the laneway. I so wanted to be back there with her and spend the day playing chess just like we had been doing all summer.

Unfortunately, I was heading to the one place I was dreading and my best friend David was nowhere in sight. When the bus turned right at the end of the road and I could no longer see grams, I turned around in my seat and found myself face to face with Victoria Crow. She was big and tall and all nose. I swear it covered half that god-awful face of hers.

"Missing your gramsies?" She said as her posse of girls snickered behind her. If I had more confident and guts, I would have knocked her out right there. But that seemed to be against my nature. So I did as usual and just sat back and let Victoria torment me.

As soon as the bus stopped in front of the small, three classroom high school I rushed past the other kids, thanked the smelly bus driver and hurried into school so I could start the day and countdown the minutes before it ended.

I wasn't even two steps in when Victoria passed me by and knocked me to the ground.

"Watch where you're going, stick bitch"

They laughed and even the other kids didn't stop to offer some help. I was use to being the target but sometimes I wished someone would stand up to her. Ugh, I hate high school. I could feel my cheeks go bright red with heat and I could not hide my misery quick enough.

I finally got to my locker and glanced at my timetable. Great, I was starting with geography with Mr. Vincent; he was plump, his face was beat-red and he often shared his saliva when going on and on about his love for peninsulas. This is going to be a long day.

When the bell (finally) rings, I manage to gather my books without harrassment and walk out of school where all the kids are crowded togheter with no teacher around to supervise us. Perfect time to play Pick-on-Charlotte. Except that doesn't happen and soon enough I know why. I can hear Victoria and her team of followers laugh at someone else. David.

"Hey Theory Boy, came to kissy kiss with your girlfriend?" She said, as loud as could be making sure everyone heard her. She obviously enjoyed making my life as miserable as could be as evident by the smirk that curled around her bulbous nose.

David walked past the crowd of rowdy teens and made his way towards me. I couldn't contain my happiness and wrapped my arms around him as soon as he was close enough for me to do so. I felt so good in his arms, as if nobody could hurt me anymore.

As much as I felt good when around him, his facial expressions didn't match my eagerness. SOmething about his curved posture suggested David wasn't feeling right.

"David, what's wrong?" I ask, but not before he suggests we walk home instead of waiting for the bus. The fact that he wasn't at his own school didn't even cross my mind.

"You know me too well, Charlie" He says, grinning as he does. "I didn't want to tell you, but..." He hesitated. David never hesitates when talking to me, we are one, we are honest with each other. A twinge of miscomfort runs up my spine.

"David" I let out, prolonging the vowels as if I was five years old again. I can't stand cut offs like that. "Just spit it out already"

"Well, you probably heard of the all the shutdowns of Drake facilities around the world?" David starts off but I just look at him with a straight face. I have no clue what he is talking about.

"You haven't heard of all the closures? Drake Foods is going out of business."

The way he says it kinda raises my curiosity. "And that is what upsets you?"

"No, of course not. I've been doing a lot of research for my theory blog and I came across some very, very interesting information. Charlie, your parents' Tokyo branch is also closing down." He says it so fast that I have to ask him to repeat it. How could he possibly know all of this before me?

"Okay, my parents didn't mention anything...You sure this isn't just another one of your..." crazy theories, I'm about to add but decide against it. David is somewhat touchy and he would most likely snap if I added that comment. It wouldn't surprise me to find out he is saying the truth. I hardly speak to my parents apart from the occasional phone call between conferences.

"You know i've been checking this out for a while. Something is fishy and it has bothered me ever since they found those decaying cows that were somehow - somehow - still breathing. Come on, Charlie, you have to admit it's weird" David adds, giving me that odd angular look he has when he is really excited about another conspiracy of his.

"Zombie cows, closing food plants, and a pharmaceutical company. Please give me the right to find all of this a bit odd, David."

"You should talk to your parents. I'm on the tip of discovering something big, I swear!" He continues with a bit more zeal then one should express.

We finally reach the oak tree that separates our way home. He is heading left towards the lake and I am heading west towards town. David suggests we meet up tomorrow after school as well and I gladly accept his invitation.

As I watch him leave and ponder what he has just told me, I have that sinking sensation that I will never see David Price again...

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