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Maple Leaf ♥ Part II: The Views of the Great Lakes from the CN Tower

Canadian films have been come a long way since Porky's. Let's take a look at what Canucks have done in the world of movies!

Views of the Great Lakes from the CN Tower

Chloe (2009)

Although the main cast is mainly composed of Americans, this movie by Canadian director Atom Egoyan is simply outstanding. He brought back his fetish actress Julianne Moore as a desperate housewife hell bent on pushing the boundaries of her marriage to test her husband. If you like movies like Unfaithful, you will love this movie!

C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)

A gay youth in 1960's Quebec must deal with homophobia within his household and the challenges that come from being different amongst four very traditional brothers and a strict father. There also jabs at the Catholic Church and how involved it was in the running of a Quebec household. The cast is flawless and this movie was praised around the world and launched Marc-André Grondin's international career. The soundtrack is killer! You can currently find this movie with English Subtitles on Netflix!

Last Night (1998)

This movies boasts an outstanding cast including Sarah Polley, David Cronenberg, and Sandra Oh! I feel I must always put an exlamation mark (!) after her name. Sandrah Oh! Distracted. This movie tells the story of several characters as they live out the last night before the end of the world. Something about Canadian movies make them feel more genuine. Maybe it's the lack-of-budget, but cinematographers really have to be innovative with the material. This one is beautifully shot and ladies and emotional guys, keep a box of kleenex by your side.

It's not the end of the world...there's still six hours left.
Shivers (1975)

So I love myself a good horror movie. When I was younger there was daily specials at Videotron based on the genre. On "Horror" day I could rent an older movie for $0.77. That's how I stumbled upon David Cronenberg's terrifying Shivers. The movie takes place in a resort hotel in Montreal where little leeches are slowly taking over the complex. It is very much a satire about sexual exploration as the leeches cause their hosts to have an extremely high sexdrive. I have since watched every Cronenberg film and I highly suggest you do the same.

Jesus of Montreal (1989)

I only watched this movie a few years ago when Denys Arcand came out with his latest film at Cannes. The interviewer had mentioned how impressive Jesus of Montreal was and how it had opened his eyes to religion. I had to watch it. The stunning reality of the Church and the somewhat retelling of Jesus' life through Daniel is simply breathtaking. This movie can be seen dubbed since it came out before people realised that subtitles are much better then awful voice-over work.

Ararat (2002)

Atom Egoyan at his best (he can't really go wrong, he's a genius). I watched this movie earlier this year during the Armenian Week at Uottawa. I had no idea that Armenia had been subject to genocide and it is still being denied by the Turkish government. With most of Egoyan's work, you HAVE to keep a box of kleenex close by. Christopher Plummer is outstanding in the role of a Canadian customs agent who struggled with liberal views from all sides. A true depiction of the older generation unable to break free from the conservative reign.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

You haven't watched this film? Do it.

Cube (1997)

Thank God for Showcase. This movie was a regular fixture on the cable channel and I will stop anything I am doing if this movie plays. What makes it so good is that you know what the characters know. There is some foreshadowing and hints as to what is to come and who or what is behind the Cube but most is left to our imagination (unless you watch Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube: Zero). This little gem of a movie proves that talent goes a long way since it has spawned two sequels and one hell of a cult following. You like conspiracies, you will love Cube.

Other Great Movies from Canada (but not all)

Bon Cop, Bad Cop - It's a good comedy. Is it as good as critics say? Mehh...
Porky's - I don't get the raunchy humour and the gratuitous nudity. In a porno, ok. A "best-of" list? Not so much.
Black Christmas - The original with Margot Kidder. Really creepy. In the weird way, though.
Elles Étaient Cinq - OMG, if you love Quebec movies, you will cringe and cry and laugh and scream while watching this touching story of five girls who head for camp. But only four come back. :( :(
Lucky Girl - Ok so this is a made-for-TV movie but it is really good and it stars Elisha Cuthbert.

Any other movies that should have been listed??

Candles are out,
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