Tuesday, August 09, 2011

50 stupid random things.


1. I have brown eyes (!!)
2. I am a Taurus
3. wait a minute, imagine somebody stumbles upon this and decides to steal... I overthink about everything
4. I love graphic novels
5. I chew my nails. A lot.
6. I am deathly afraid of anything that zooms/flies near me. Paper planes and snowflakes included
7. I have a blog, hence I am a "blogger". Lol. blogger.
8. I tuck my blanket under my feet when I sleep because I don't dare leave them exposed
9. My favourite popcorn is Jiffy Pop
10. My first kiss was in 5th grade behind a tree. Took all recess for me to sum the courage to do it LMAO

11. I hate real maple syrup yet love Aunt Jemima's sugar concoction. Mmmm
12. If you ask me what is my favourite movie, I will give you a different answer everytime
13. I'm bisexual. Big deal, right?
14. I'm tall but I don't know how tall
15. I play with my ears alot. I know, ew
16. Oh, I have glasses!
17. I am NOT a ginger
18. When i'm tired, I rub/scratch my eyes (they're closed)
19. My favourite book of all times is The Chrysalid.
20. I have a fear of deep/open water.

21. I have a birth mark on my cheek
22. I loved Kill Bill 1/ Hated Kill Bill 2. (it's not even worth a link)
23. I busted a truck's tail light the second week after I got my driver's license
24. Annette Bening is my favourite actress
25. I love the Harry Potter books
26. I apparently adore Celine Dion
27. My one-seater couch is as old as I am
28. I am in much better condition then my one-seater couch
29. I am half-danish
30. I have native american blood

31. I got 3 stitches on my forehead because of a Lunchmate Lunchbox
32. I never broke a bone touch wood thank God
33. I have dry elbows
34. My favourite food eveeeer is mac and cheese (homemade)
35. I am somewhat of a vegetarian since March 2011, I sometimes eat chicken. Or peperoni sticks when drunk.
36. I have stitches in my head because of an exposed metal beam in a "haunted house"
37. I have two siblings
38. I watched What Lies Beneath and Hollow Man twice in theatres
39. I walked out of The DaVinci Code. Only movie I ever walked out on. Terrible
40.I didn't walk out of Open Water and regretted that one

41. My favourite holiday is Halloween
42. I am 25 years old. Yikes!
42. I love seafood
43. My alarm clock has been with me for approx. 20 years. Still use it, still love it. Trusty alarm clock
44. I might be the world's biggest procrastinator
45. This blog was first entitled 100 stupid random things. See statement above
46. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously
47. I unfortunately hold on to nothing and throw a lot of crap out.
48. I believe Lili Taylor deserved an Oscar for her turn in The Haunting. Seriously, fool
49. Once I ciment-burned my ass while going down a stupid rapid at Parc Safari. I was too small for the tube
50. This is my favourite song from the Emmy nominated episode "Once more with feeling" from BtVS:

If any of these statements have led to confusion, please do not hesitate to ask me a question.

Candles are out,
Eleven's Ink

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